Murder at Murdoch Mystery Science Camp Chapter 4: Fala’s Behaviour

Chapter 4: Fala’s Behaviour?


I’m at the event and I’m have sneaked away from the actually event itself—John will be covering for me if anyone asks-and I’m in the suppose crime scene.

“Interesting” I said to myself “Someone has cleaned up here”

I found one drink mix package in the garbage can in the room  and before returning to the event I went downstairs to the kitchen and checked the fridge—ok-icebox- to see if the ketchup container was empty a bit. It wasn’t.


I’m back at the hotel and am telling the other people what I have heard. We hear Miss Katie go  down the hall to Room 520 and knocked fifteen times.

Suddenly Fala put her hand on her head and said “I have a headache I need to go”

Miss Katie went back into her own room and then we heard the footsteps of Miss Anne who went into Miss Katie’s room.

Miss Katie: “So what have you discovered?”

Miss Anne replied “I discovered that John Myth isn’t who he said to be. John Myth is a red head, but the root of his hair is brown. I have also  that the guy was shot with a rifle around sixteen feet.”

Miss Katie inquired “anything else?”

Miss Anne replied “Yes  the blood wasn’t real. It was a drink mix found with ketchup.”

My friends and I looked at each other “How does Anne know that?!” we thought

Miss Anne then said “Someone I know got the drink mix package but we couldn’t find the ketchup bottle which is half-empty.”

Miss Anne then returns to her room.

Jennifer said “Am I the only one who thinks Fala and Anne are maybe the same person?”

I retorted “That’s ridiculous they look nothing alike!”

Lucy added “But it is odd isn’t it that Fala acts not well shortly before Anne re-appears?”

Fala arrives before I can answer and says “I heard Anne go past my door what did I miss?”

I gave the others a very sharp look which said “See? Fala isn’t Anne”

We then gave her up-to-date information about what we had overheard.”

I said “Why do I feel there is going to be another murder tonight?”

Miss Katie knocked on our door and said “Its time to get ready for bed lights out at ten!”






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