Murder at Murdoch Science Camp: Chapter 1: Mysterious Camper

Hello campers.  Welcome to the Murdoch Mysteries Science Camp” a red hair woman dressed in Victorian dress, yet again we all were dressed in Victorian dress, it was well the point of the science camp, the woman said we were suppose to call her Miss Anne and that she was the boss.

May 4, 2013


I’m getting ahead of myself, my name is Ashley Fritz, I’m attending a camp in Brantford, Ontario which is a based upon a TV show called “Murdoch Mysteries”. It’s really cool even though I have to give up my electronic devices and wear this itchy outfit –the boys and men here, get way more comfortable outfits–for the next six weeks or so this will be going on.  This week, the first week I’m going to be on ‘Team Murdoch” Next week it will be “Team Grace”.

Miss Anne snapped at me “You, the blonde, what’s your name and where you are in the order of birth?”

“My name is Ashley Fritz, and I’m the second child of four.” I replied.

“Please pay attention to me Miss Ashley next time I’m talking!”  Miss Anne snapped at me again.

Sorry for that interruption  readers, we have to call each other depending on the order of birth and gender either “mister” or miss last name (first daughters) or Miss first name (any other girls) or for young children “master” Miss Anne insists on it.

“Miss Ashley, Pay attention!”  Geez, Miss Anne is like a matron school teacher and yet she’s only twenty two!! All she was doing was introducing the actors who play the roles in the TV show.

3pm:  I am at the Royal Hotel, now and we have some time to ourselves before its supper in a couple of hours. I feel bad for teams “Julia” and Team   “Roberts” since they are stuck in those roles for two whole weeks before they can switch with the other teams.  Tap, tap.. Hold on a second I hear footsteps outside..

“Does anyone else here footsteps outside the room?”  I asked my female roommates.

My friend, Lucy Myers, who just came into the room said, “There’s a new camper, the camper is female, has brown hair, and violet eyes.  The camper said the train she was on didn’t depart one of the other stations till 2 pm which is why she missed the introductory.”

I asked her “Do you know her name Lucy?”

She replied “Yes I do, its Fala Ginna, she claims she’s from Italy but I don’t believe her.”

I then asked “Is there anything else you want to tell us?” I could sense she wasn’t telling something.

Lucy replied “Well her parents asked that she has a room to herself.”

I then said “that’s odd isn’t it?”

She then squealed “the coolest thing? Is the only available hotel room is the 506 and we are in 504, so she’s our neighbour!!”

May 5th 2013

It appears that Miss. Giana is going to be part of my team!!  The made up case one of my other friends Jennifer Smith is on “Team Crabtree” was on the scene with some other people on her team.   It was down near the lake, the body was facing downwards and there wasn’t any blood. Both my team (I’m the leader did I mention that?) and Team Grace, both suspect it’s probably poison.

A day later, that’s Fala woman she’s impossible to break through. It’s like she’s hiding something. We do know she’s a good artist, she drew a very good likeness of what the victim supposedly looked like prior to being poison, but something’s odd, he has like no facial features left, like they were almost burned off.  We got some photos of the man from the town hall. He was really important, not a mayor but maybe a sibling or something that was like a deputy mayor. The evidence we collect was soil, but it didn’t really match his clothes. We know he was married since the wife came in to the police station-which you could say is the ‘base’ of the camp.   Yes this fake victim was poisoned, but we can’t tell by what.

3 Responses to “Murder at Murdoch Science Camp: Chapter 1: Mysterious Camper”

  1. jimmysnan Says:

    You are keeping my interest. I can tell you read a lot od Nancy Drew books. Maybe my seventh graders would like to read it if you want me to show them.

    • celoptra Says:

      well its not done, yet..I’m kind of am stuck on chapter 8-10 (I only know chapter 8 is when “Fala” ((who is someone else entirely)) is kidnapped).

  2. jimmysnan Says:

    Hey MadameLee, I am loving these stories, you should have written for the series Merlyn that was on my (USA) television awhile back.

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