Why Doesn’t Dad Intervene in Some Fairy Tales?

I finally think I have the answer for the “Why Doesn’t Dad Intervene in Some Fairy Tales?” question. The reason the Dads in the Grimm’s Cinderella and in Hansel and Gretel don’t intervene in the ‘abuse’ of their child(ren) from their previous marriage is simple. Its because the responabilty of any children in a marriage falls into the woman’s lap as does household chores. It doesn’t matter if the kid(s) were from a previous marriage. Dads weren’t suppose to have anything to do with children.

Women’s responabitlies were anything we considered domestic (ie cooking, cleaning, laundry,etc) That also included child-raising. Also being the The responseabilties of a woman depended on how wealthy the husband was was so that some of the responabitlies could be thrown on female servants that they hired.  The only job of a man was to be the bread winner for the family and so was suppose to have very little (if any) contact with children even if the children in question was from their first marriage.

This kind of view can be seen even as late as the 1950s where women were suppose to stay home and cook. The Republican party in the United States who lost the U.S. elections are a type of this kind of thinking., as are Canada’s Conservative party.

It doesn’t matter whose child it was but the step-mom in both the Grimm’s Cinderella and in Hansel and Gretel had complete say in what happened (or didn’t happen) with the child(ren) in question since their step-child(ren) were their responabilty  too as well as for Cinderella’s step-mom’s own daughters.

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