Modern Day Werewolves

Due to events in the TV show Once Upon a Time on November 12  I will write a blog about my thoughts about werewolves.  For those of you who don’t what  Once Upon a Time is here a summary for you: Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real.

Warning Do NOT READ THIS ARTICLE UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN “Child of the Moon” Episode (and for that matter “Red-Handed” from Season 1 too)

I like the way that good charries werewolves are portrayed in today’s stories. For example Lupin from Harry Potter and Red from Once Upon a Time. I like the way that the werewolf is a disabltiy rather than an illness and Lupin and Red (eventually) accept the werewolf side of them as part of them because of help from friends  James, Sirius or in Red’s case, Snow.

I say that being a werewolf is the same as having a disabltiy because in Harry Potter. Lupin can’t get a job easily because of what he is. That seems to be very similar to those of us in real life who are disabled can’t get jobs because of misconceptions about disabled for instance “hiring a disabled person will cost too much” when the truth is the excat opposite.

Yes in both cases Lupin and Red’s worlds there are fellow werewolves who have shunned wizards or humans to live as a pack on their own and have a hatred for humans/wizards.

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