I’m mad that I can’t disagree with people about wether rocking a baby will spoil them or not.

Person A says she doesn’t want to rock a child or isn’t her’s because the parents don’t want it. Supposedly its a bad habit since it will “spoil them” / or “the child will expect it all the time”  and Person B agrees with Person A. But I think its a good habit since its a sign of love, affection,caring of parents (which is very rare these days when most parents are workaholics) Person B says I can disagree when i’m a mom (and with my luck it wouldn’t be until I’m 35 or later). I’m arguing with people in the know. Hello I see babies in my church nursery getting rocked by non-mothers.


2 Responses to “I’m mad that I can’t disagree with people about wether rocking a baby will spoil them or not.”

  1. Brunette Simgirl Says:

    That’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. By the time the parents stops rocking the child, the child is still going to be tiny, and too tiny to remember want it all the time. I can think of worse things you can do with a child that would “spoil them” or have them “expect it all the time”. So, I wonder what person A and person B do when a baby is crying? Just still there still and let the poor thing scream its head off?

    Rocking them reminds them of being in the womb when mom moved, and most likely the motion put them to sleep. That’s probably why babies like to be rocked.

    God forbid someone “spoils” their infant, or gives them something they’ve grown to expect.


    • celoptra Says:

      Actually person B is a grown-up with adult kids. Well Person A is just a year older then me but runs a day care. Its just the one client of Person A who doesn’t want their baby rocked because of it “making the child spoiled”.

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