Breastfeeding in other countries being frowned upon?/Breasts being considered Sexual objects



On the official Sims 3 site. There is a topic about breast feeding (if the OP had put BF into the title oringally, I would have tried to stay clear of it but she/he didn’t). Well according to my parents and everything I can find, the whole frowning on breast feeding is because the Puritans (who one of my ancestors was one) viewed breasts as sexual objects and sex was “evil”. Yes Puritans did breastfeed children, but still breasts were still considered sex objects like they still are today* I am trying to find other countries where breast feeding is frowned upon. In the U.K its only frowned up if the kids is over a year old. In France it doesn’t seem like a big deal.


One of the stories I found? A male doctor was touring a hospital in the Middle East, and accidently came upon an area where there was a group of women who were  breastfeeding. When the women say him, they all dove for a cover for their heads.

Another story I have found is that somewhere in Monglia, two toddlers were fighting and the two moms and all the last of the women in the room started to lift up their shirts and flap their breasts and call to the toddlers to come and nurse and there were MEN present.


I do know that a lot of people suggested that women who breast feed should cover the baby up with a blanket or something. But doesn’t that’s just makes the breast more sexual? or doesn’t it just draw more attention to the breasts?

Why should woman who breastfeed be moved to a restroom room or something? Would YOU like to eat in a bathroom? So if you don’t want to eat in the bathroom, a baby shouldn’t.

My mom has a story about me. We were at the Ex  and mom was breastfeeding me and there was an elderly couple nearby that mom walked past. I can’t remember what my mom said the man said, but the man’s wife said “What do you expect the baby to drink Pepsi?”

But its seems like America gets the majority of the bad reputation for “frowning” upon breastfeeding. I mean just look: Facebook, Putting Breastfeeding back on Sesame Street (which did have breast feeding in 1970s and ‘80s), and the latest scandal over the cover of the Time Maginzie


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