rant about stuff in The Toronto Star

Mr. Herbet you’re a idiot in my opinion. Do you realize that that the ONLY people who got these trick calls (no matter whose riding they’re in)  were people who were NDP and LIBERAL supporters?  Tell me did any Progressive Conservatives supports got these calls? NO. Then there’s the fact that in those 13+ place ridings PC people won supposedly because of these calls.  Very suspicious in my opinion. Also add to that that the burner cellphone was register to someone else..who had nothing to do with the calls. Why did a nameless person 1)who had nothing to to do with the latest scrapegoat and 2)why did they use a burner cellphone if they nameless person had nothing to hide?

About Rob Ford’s subway debate (NOT). Well the only reason that London and Paris have such a good subway system  in the FIRST PLACE. Is they started as earlier as the 1800s. Even New York City’s was done as late as the 1930s. There was talk about subways in the 1800s, and 1930s in Toronto..but they’re dropped. So Toronto didn’t get subways until 1950s..when people already became car monsters. I mean do you realize that its streetcars that actual created suburbs, not cars like is believed? Go look at movies like Princess and the Frog and Meet Me in St.Louis.

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