Murdoch Mysteries review about a reviewer..why does the guy watch the show if he/she going to bitch about “PC” stuff.

Murdoch Mysteries is a TV show about a police detective  in the 1890s who uses the new-fanged forensic science techniques of the time (ie. fingerprinting, handwriting, DNA, x-rays). Well today I was looking at two reviews on two episodes of the TV series which was written by the same user. Well the person was bitching about how wrong the episodes were by trying to be “PC” (politically correct).

First episode summary:

When professional boxer Amos Robinson is shot at close range, Detective Murdoch finds himself not only trying to find the murderer but to clear his wife, Fanny, who is being held for the murder by the police. Robinson won his fight earlier that evening but the fight had been rigged for him to lose and some lost huge wagers. His contract was also about to be sold so both the seller and the buyers have lost money. The blood splatter evidence convinces him that Fanny is innocent so he looks to those surrounding the boxer where he finds are several suspects.

the review’s reviewer

This is one of the worst episodes in the first four seasons of the show. It is such a YAWN that I almost did not purchase Season 2 on DVD after watching it. The storyline is ridiculous and I was completely turned off when Murdoch told the black woman he would need her dress and she thought he meant he was going to “take advantage” of her and she began “preparing” for the event. This scene was an unnecessary, erroneous comment on the mores of the period, detracted from the show and was a total turnoff for viewers who appreciate authenticity — not the writer’s warped ideas of “political correctness.” Had the writer of this episode known anything at all about the time period he/she was writing about, this scene would have never been written. And had the producer known anything about the period, this scene would have been deleted. However, even without this offensive scene, thus far, “The Knockdown” is still the worst episode of the series.

You see the part I made blue? Well The guy is incorrect in what was correct for the time period. If you were the woman of African descant and a white man said “I’ll need your dress” what else would a woman of African descant have assumed but that she was going to be taken advantage of? So  the producers and script writers are the people who are correct this time. Even my mom agrees on that point. 

Second episode summary

The police investigate the murder of Howard Rookwood, a well-known Toronto industrialist and philanthropist who was struck on the head just outside of his house. Rookwood was an active supporter of Baker House, a home that specializes in relocating underprivileged children from England to Canada and his own daughter was adopted. As Detective Murdoch examines the forensic evidence, he and Doctor Ogden conclude that a child, or children, may be the culprit. The true motivation and solution to the crime however is far darker.

reviewer’s review

his episode would have been fantastic if not for the obligatory modern-day politically correct slant — this time, child sexual abuse. Yes, it happens. It has been happening since the beginning of time, but must we have it crammed down our throats in a TV show that is “supposed” to be about crime detection in late Victorian Canada? There are so many other — and much more interesting — reasons the victim in this show could have ended up dead. The producers and writers need to get their minds out of the politically correct gutter and concentrate on entertaining viewers instead of wasting their time, and ours, on 20th and 21st century issues! We see, hear and read about child sexual abuse all the time, but in the Victorian era, it was swept under the rug and that’s where it needs to be in this TV series.

Readers you remember how I said in the opening that the TV series take place in 1890s? Well I did research and it was around that time that child sexual abuse was began to be talked about. It was the 1885 that the age of constant was raised to the age of 16 because of child sexual abuse.

So why does the reviewer watch the show when he/she is so WRONG about what is correct for the time period of the show?



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