crazy Canada cases…

In Canada there been four month trial of a Muslim mom, dad, and a 21 year old son. (Not that I have anything aganist Muslims.. I know a very nice Muslim, the husband of a former EA.. Education Assistant of mine) They are charged with murders of three of their daughters and the husband’s first wife. The accused claiming that the killing was a honour killing*. The four females were put in a car (after they drunk something that knocked them out–not that’s been in the paper) and the son drove the second car into the Nissan with the victims and the car went into the water at Kingston Mills. 

According to the trial’s history. 
Here is Zainab, stunningly beautiful, looking out coyly from under long eyelashes. She was the eldest daughter at 19, with a one-day marriage in her past, an engagement in her immediate future. The one who ran away from home, to a women’s shelter, complaining of an abusive family, and then, fatefully, returned home two weeks later.

Sahar, perhaps even more striking at 17, smolders in panties and bra. She was the one who, 40 days after entering the world, was given by her mother to another woman — the first, barren wife in a polygamous marriage — told, here, raise her as your own. This girl had tried to kill herself

Geeti was only 13, the littlest rebel, a handful, failing in most of her school subjects, caught shop-lifting, sent home from school for dressing inappropriately. Geeti pleaded with anyone who would listen that she wanted to be placed in a foster family. The youngster scowls from a yearbook photo.

And then there was Rona Amir Mohammed, 53, a handsome woman and appendage to the marriage, introduced by the girls as their “aunt’’ but called Mother Rona. She poured her aching heart into a diary. Around the time of the killing, Rona had asked for a divorce.

It didn’t help that childwelfare people interviewed all the children (not the 21 year old boy) in front of the parents. But no one did anything about it

The 3 people were found guilty on Sunday.

Its people like them (the accused) that make Muslims look bad.

*An honor killing or honour killing is the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family

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