Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 Chapter 5


I went back to the doctor with Beatrix

Doctor “As far as I’m and others here at the, your husband ” “hmmph”  “or your parents have a case of Simitis” “Are you sure you don’t want to leave Beatrix at Dololem House?” I replied “I ABSOLUTELY  DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE BEA THERE. IT GAVE BE THE GREEPS…I mean creeps. It reminded me of David Copperfield, Nicholas NIckelby and Jane Erye’s schools.”

The triplets had their birthdays..sigh,  kids grow up so fast.

and Ladon abused me and in front of my dad too!!

Bea and I went every 6 monthly to the doctor*:

Doctor “Are you feeling alright?

Bea “Yeah”

doc: “Not feeling thirsty, or really tired?”

Bea “No”

Doc “Here the prescriptions for Beatrix’s medication”

According to Jeramey one day at school:

two girls in their class starting talking about Beatrix behind her back:

“I wouldn’t be friends with her for anything” “I think she’s contagious”  “I will stay away from her completley.”

Jermney ( as he told me later), went up and said

“Don’t talk about one of my sisters that way!! She is a person just like you and I. Sure she has a problem..but its not contagious.”

Beatrix is able to clean herself on her own,


*Note: The talk between Beatrix and the doctor, is what I’m ususally asked when I go  to my big city doctor.

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