Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 Chapter 4

A couple of days latter I visted Sunset Valley and visited the Dololem House. This is what it looked like in the front:

I don’t think I want to leave Bea here.

I then went into the house..and went into the office of the Superindentant Ms. Cole.

“Hello Ms.Ptomley. What brings you to the Dololem House today?”

“My daughter, Beatrix, has Simitis and my doctor suggested leaving her here. I’m just checking things out here..before I decided.”

“The rules of the House are:

children up at 6am, teens at 5am. Breakfast is severed at 7am. On weekends lunch is at noon. outdoor time is 2 hours only and they must have finished their homework. Anytime not outside..must be send studying. Super is a light meal at 6pm. If they are late to any meals..they don’t get any food. Bedtime 8pm for children, 9pm for teens. teens must help with infants. No followers are allowed.”

I then went over to the board:

and on it I saw these two pictures:

Dololem House’s girls’ uniform:

Dololem House’s boys’ uniform:

I then checked out the “courtyard”

and then I checked the swamp and graveyard

and then I left for home.

I told everyone I saw…Do NOT put your child in the Dololem House.

the babies had their 1st birthdays.

Beatrix takes after me in the eye and hair department but has her dad’s  skintone.

my parents and my unwanted hubby teached the toddlers skills.

Landon slapped me once again, and this time in front of my father!!

then Landon and I had a yelling about wether or not we should allow Beatrix to learn logic, and music.

“I don’t see why you let her play with the logic box, or the xylhone. She will never be a police officer, doctor, or a musician!!”

“I don’t give a f-, d- care about what you think! Just because she will never be what YOU will consider a success, but every skill  that we have betters us in some way and she shouldn’t be denied that just because you and MOM doesn’t think she’s good enough!!”

Beatrix siblings didn’t let her play with them.



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