Ptomely Legacy Gen 7 chapter 3

When I was in the hopsital mom Mary visited.

this is what the conversation was

“the doctors wanted me in the hospital since I’m expecting triplets. According to a of the triplets..has a problem. But we are unsure what the problem is”

“well if you do have that kid I hope you’re going to give it up. I will NOT have problem child in MY house.”

“Mom you know the laws of the world!! You were a  politicatian !!  If  I give up one child..I have to give up ALL my children.”

“I don’t care about your feelings Isabelle!!” Mom walks away angrily

Two hours later I gave birth to triplets.. Jeremy, Deidre (Dee-Dee for short) and Beatrix

Jeremy and Dee-dee were both 7 pounds, Beatrix was only was 3 pounds

After I gave birth, the doctor came over and gave me this news:

Deidre and Jeremy are able to go home since they they are healthy babies. But I need you to say here with Beatrix for a week.”

“I hope its nothing serious. But I will stay for a week.”

I told the dad felt sorry for the fact mom didn’t care about the fact that Beatrix was sickly. But they took the two healthier babies home.

Mom has Dee-Dee and Dad has Jeremy

mom just spoils Dee-dee

dad visited me every day in the hospital..and spends so much time with Bea.

Landon spoils little Jeremy

the doctor came back on Sunday and told me:

“Beatrix has Simitis, she’ll be a sickly thing all her life. I know of a good place to put her if you want me to take her off your hands. You can leave with or without her today”

“I will leave today with her. Then I will check out the ‘place’ you’re talking about.” and I left with Beatrix to back home.

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