Cleopatra Gen 7 chapter 2

In the time Landon and I been married, he abused me in front of my mom.


and then again in front of a couple of guests that were over for my parents’ b-day party

Landon and I had unprotected sex since we wanted me to get pregant after he came home from who knows where on Saturday morning

sometime during the afternoon.. I started feeling queasy and had to dash to the toilet to “toss my cookies”

I went to the drugstore and went into the lady’s room and the test was postive!!

Mom called someone she knows is a doctor and I told the worries about the kid(s) during my preganacny and Landon’s being abusive. He suggested “I think it would be better for you to go to the hospital to avoid Landon, until the baby (ies) are born.”

a day later:

I came home from shopping and the first thing Landon does is yelling at me about no food to eat. What does he think I am his servant?

I told mom through my tears  “Mom dear… because…. of Landon.. being…. so… abusive. I think its best for me to go to the hopsital until the kid(s) are born.”


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