Disabilty post part 1 History of the Attitudes toward disabled people

Note: I’m only doing this is because people need to be more aware!!

Disabled people like Same Sex couples, African-Americans, and women..have always been discrimated against. I mean wasn’t the 60s a movement for rights for Disabled people as well as rights for African Americans and women?  Even worse..is the fact that discrimination against disabled people was worse then the Jimmy Crows laws after the American Civil War (not to get confused with the England’s Civil War).

In the past people mental or psychical changelles were thought to be either 1)posses by demons, 2)under a witch crafts spell (did you know that red heads and lefties were burn at stake at witches?) or 3)punishment for either their own sin or 3 1/2)their parents’ sin.  This is called the “Traditional model”

In the 18th century there was more of a scientific understanding about cause of impairment but them people believed they could be “cured”. But some disabled couldn’t be cured so they were either 1)sent of to a institution or 2)hidden away at home. This is called the “medical Model”  This kind of model. This kind of model of thinking was: disabled needed to be “molded” to fit the world around them or  if they can’t..they should be sent away to an institution (I.E. Helen Keller’s “Teacher” Anne Sullivan..she became blind and as a little girl she and her brother..who had “Consumption” as it was called back them..who died from it..were sent to such a place) or shut up at home..where in either case only their MOST BASIC NEEDS WERE MET. Very often these people who were “different” were placed in the hands of professionals, who decided if they could go to school (and where), and special needs that need to be met,etc)

The Disabltiy Movement point out how the environmental around them causes more limitations for those disabled people. The medical model view was that the disabled person’s lack of rehabilitation. Not that the environment around them that’s the problem.  i.e. higher education, finding work, school settings (again Anne Sullivan..she begged a doctor who came to the intuition she was in..to go to..school for the blind..at 14 years of age!!), etc.   This is the model that is used mostly in TV shows and movies..(the only exception is the play and movie “The Miracle Worker”) but this model is starting to be tosses out the window.

In more recent years the standpoint of a disabled child, or adult’s right to belong to and be valued  the society in general is called the social model. This way you look at the the disabled person’s strengths and look at the physical and soical problems he/she has to overcome. (ie. home, school, work). This model suggested that disabled people’s disadvantage is because of the discrimination like racism, heterosexim and Sexism..all of them are fundamental to the society. In this kind of movement the “cure” is changing the enviroment to suit the person not change the person to suit the environment.

Medical Thinking    
child is faulty  
impairment becomes centre of attention
  Assement, Monitoring, programmes of therapy imposed  
 Segregation and alternative services 
Ordinary needs are put 
re-entry if "normal" enough or permentally excluded
society remains unchanged
Social Model:
child is vauled

Strength and needs as identify by self and others

Identify barriers and find solutions 

Out come base programmes 

Resources are made available to ordinary services 

training for parents and teachers

Relationships are nurted

Diversity welcomed, child included

Society evolves 

Discrimination towards disabled and other mintorty groups are because of contact through ignorance and prejudice of others..”You have to be Carefully Taught!” So to stop this and other discrimination it should start in schools.

Who is disabled?

Learning disablities (Dyslexia)

Speech and Language impairment (I’m here)


little people (i.e. Muchkins from Wizard of Oz)

Sensory impairments (blind, deaf)

Chorinic Illness (HIV/AIDs)




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