Cleopatra Gen 7 Part 1

Hi I’m Isabelle..I’m not really happy at the you know I’m a lesbain..but I’m married a male to make my mom happy.

I got engaged to my Mom’s choice.  Had a bacholette party

married Landon

the first thing I discover after marrying him?

he’s  abusive.  I’m glad I’m able to escape Professional as a stylists during the days..since he’s already will be gone to work by the time I get back home. (7:30pm). My mom just yells at me if I try to tell her that he’s abusive..and other women in arranged marriages complain about their MOTHER-IN-LAWS?

this is the dialogue that happens whenever I try to talk to mom about it:

Me “Mom?”  She “YES?” angrily.  Me: “Ladon’s abusive”  Mom: “I don’t f- WILL NOT DIVORCE HIM. Over he’s abusive, or if he cheats..not until you produce some kids and I’m gone.”

On the other hand Dad is more accepting of me.  The two of us went to KFC for some supper.

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