Ptomley Legacy Gen 6 chapter 4

Sorry for no pictures in this chapter but I having some problems with..posting the pics.

Elanor catches Isabelle with Miss Smith

Isabelle:”Did Mom put you up to spying on me?”

Eleanor shifting feet: “No she didn’t”

Isabelle: “Eleanor you are shifting you’r feet and you only doing that when you’re nervous or are telling a lie” (Note: Isabelle and Eleanor are two sisters out of a set of triplets)

Eleanor (tries stopping shifting feet): “No”

Isabelle: ‘You mind is telling me other wise”


Eleanor: “Yes she did after Esther told Mom about Esther catching you with HER”

Isabelle: “Why can’t you leave me–US–alone..I will have to obey mom’s wishes soon but not when I’m a teen do I?”

Peter and I had b-days

Isabelle catches Eleanor with a female.

“These clothing are riddclous who serious wear these anymore? Besides  they are SO history inaccurate too..according to my History class. For one thing..the ankles should be COVERED” that was Isabelle..

They had another prom this time Leah won home coming Queen..the first time Elizabeth won it.

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