Ptomely legacy Gen 6 chapter 3

I  had another set of triplets..all girls this time. They aged up into pretty teens. My mom died not to longer after they turned into children

When they were children..I had them and their brother sit at the table for a family meeting:

the dialogue was pretty much like this:

I said : Ok everyone here?”  others:”Yes!!”   “You understand that the person who becomes the heiress of this generation..not you ..what-ever-your-name-is. you’re a boy. .the heiress MUST bring in the next generation ” Esther asked: “What if the heiress..falls in love with a female?”  “she has to marry the male I have chosen for her..since there can NOT be any lesbians* in this family. Gays are another matter..we can have them.”

some days later they had their birthdays:

they had prom 1 and they all went “doe” (ie no dates)

a couple days later Esther or was it Elizabeth? (they look so alike I can’t even tell who’s who and they weren’t even in the same birth!!)  caught Isabelle, the heiress flirting with a neighborhood girl Miss Smith

Esther/Elizabeth  “Isabelle you know you as THE heiress wouldn’t be able to marry Miss Smith!! Its against the rules Mom told us about at the family meeting!!”

Isabelle “I know..but remember I’m unlucky?

Esther/Elizabeth: “That’s besides the point!!”

Esther/Elizabeth told me a couple of days later..

but before Lizzie/Esther could tell me..Peter and I went on a free vaction and this is what our security cameras got before we came back:

but by the time Peter and I got back (an hour early then planned)..the kids were in bed with no sign of the party Eleanor had.


*I, the author, of this legacy have nothing against lesbians..its just for story-telling purposes.

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