Jarise9&Fluttereyes having debate on thread that neither started

This oringally started on page 14 but the actually arguing between the two doesn’t started until page 15:


“We don’t want to download churches. If we wanted to do that, this thread wouldn’t be here. What is wanted is some sort of open venue that a player could convert into a church if they want to. And what has been suggested is a podium that would attract people to gather around and listen, pretty much the way the wedding arch already does (or is supposed to), for those who neither want custom content, or who are not allowed to download anything from the internet.

And, despite the fact that the OP used the terms “church” “house of worship” and “Sunday”, what is being ignored is that she also used the word “generic” which means generalized, one-size-fits-all. And what is also being ignored is that the player is not asking for a Christian-specific venue; so those of you who are going around saying “well, if you cater to one religion, you have to cater to all” can just put a sock in it.

Because, for the LAST time…this isn’t about adding a specific religion to the game. This isn’t about EA forcing players to play a religious venue. This is about some people wanting to create a somewhat realistic venue for their Sims to gather that they can pretend is a church. And to be able to have someone give a speech that they can pretend is a sermon.

And as it has been pointed out time after time after time after time…(and repeatedly ignored) the venue and the podium can be used in a variety of ways, and it is strictly OPTIONAL.

Stupid needless religious debate notwistanding…that’s all this was ever about.”

fluttereyes’ post:

That is the Original Post. For the last time, what religion do you know that goes to church on a Sunday Morning, Jews? Muslims? Oh no that’s right, Sunday is specifically a day of worship for Christians.

I don’t suppose any suggestions will make anyone happy really, will they? Sometimes we just have to make do with what we have. I never thought that I would be the one to end up defending EA| over something but seriously, the comments here have changed the original post but the original post is asking for a Christian church and that is obvious by the day of worship chosen.

I guess it’s true what they say, some people will never be happy, even if you do do provide them with a solution.

I am surprised that lots are now considered to be cc too.

As far as I’m concerned, if EA want to have a church or pretend church that’s really a generic (or non denominational) building and let people pretend it’s a church, then that’s fine by me.

The reality though is that they do give you the ability to make one, but they will never be able to make it open as it would have to contain 8 Sims or less and one of them would be the preacher, so basically 7 worshipers. They would make it a rabbithole and if they did, then I wouldn’t be happy as I like my weddings to be out in the open so I can enjoy them.

Maybe people should think about how this game works and the game engine it uses and then they would realise the reality of such a thing. Heck we can’t even get into the police station, I’d rather do that first so I could see the Sims in jail etc. Yeah I know, someone will post that as their very own idea within days.

We don’t even get into restaurants and you lot want a place of worship or a generic podium as a pretend church that is to be filled with Sims that isn’t a rabbithole, and you also obviously want it to have variable days of worship to keep it fair to all religions, right? okey dokey.

(quote from Jarise9’s post):

Yes that is what you are pointing out, but some of us are going by the content in the original post which asks for something completely different. Maybe one of you could do an ‘I want a generic podium’ post, then that is all it will be about.

jarise9 next post:

*fluttereyes, congratulations.

You have accomplished two things today:

1) You have gotten on my LAST nerve.

2) You have magnificently illustrated my point that the only reason this thread is controversial is because people like you *make* it so.

Enough already. I’m not ignorant, so you can stop quoting the original post as if I’m some stupid moron who is too dense to get the idea that *obviously* the OP was asking for a Christian church, because *horrors!* she suggested that *her* Sims could go to church on Sunday.

Sorry, but I don’t read it that way. Nor do I find the idea of having a meeting place where people can sit down and listen to a speaker any indication that EA is forcing religion down people’s throat, and how many times do I have to repeat the word OPTIONAL before *you* figure out that we are trying to advocate something that many players want, and that can be put into a community lot bin where they could download it with a “Visitors Allowed” tag on it?

As for your ridiculous assertion that EA could never be able to make it an open venue, because you can only have 8 Sims on the lot, and one of them would be the preacher, that’s the silliest excuse I’ve ever heard. I’m not asking for a full church. And it doesn’t bother me that very few Sims would show up. What I want is for my Sim (who may or may not be the preacher) to be able to get up and talk and have the other Sims listen to them. That’s it, period, end of story. And Sunday notwithstanding, if I chose my Sim to go to church on Saturday, then, by your reasoning, if the OP had used the word “Sabbath” or even Saturday, you could then accuse her of wanting to add Judaism, Seventh Day Adventism, or Jehovah’s Witness into the game. And I think Mormons also worship on Sundays, so your argument is spurious at best.

There is a difference in asking for gameplay that affects all players, such as the requests for added ages in the game, or more interactions that not everyone wants, and asking for an optional venue and an optional object that would only affect the players who choose to use those things.

You seriously need to get off that soapbox. You are welcome to quote the original post if you want, just to make sure that I “get it”, but I can assure you that if you do that, the only person that would be looking foolish by now is you. In other words, give it a rest. Your arguments against EA putting either the open venue or the podium in the game are getting stale and by this time, they are largely meaningless.”


“I have to say that people have just completely lost it on this post and that is why there should never be any discussions about anything remotely religious on a site.

Jarsie, I don’t have any concern about getting on your last nerve, it’s not like you don’t get on many people’s nerves. You are determined not to see my point and I know you know I’m right, well that is if you understand the game engine ou are always reminding other people of.

You’ve obviously had a bad day so I’ll leave it at that.

It’s interesting to see how many people that quote the rules regular break then themselves.

I honestly think that not all who are for this are really for it and they just want an argument, well argue away to yourselves, this is a nonsense post and I have no interest in it anymore at all. Rant away to yourselves. ”


fluttereyes’ response to Jarise9post 2:

“It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about Jarsie having a bad day and taking it out on the forum members.

Jarsie, you tell me to get off the soap box, nobody else can get on it because you’re always on it.. You are on the aging thread saying you’d much prefer more interactions, etc, yet you sit here and argue for a lot? Get a grip. I suggest walking around the block instead of coming here to get your aggression out.

I can’t be bothered with people who just argue for the sake of arguing, at least I was trying to work out why it can never happen, and it won’t.

Any hint of remote religion in this game, even in a generic way or whatever you want to call it, would bring EA crashing to the ground with lawsuits, or worse.

My points are valid and that will be proved when it doesn’t happen.”

jarsie9 post:

It’s not against the forum rules to discuss religion if it relates to an idea for the Sims game. It *is* against the rules to have a religous signature.

And I agree with mikitta47. If EA puts in a meeting hall in the community lot in the game, and adds the “ranting and raving” soap box (a nice box that Sims can stand on and speechify) and the “Listen Up!” podium that attracts Sims to stand or sit around and listen, I doubt very much that anybody is going to go to all the trouble to sue EA.

On what grounds? Freedom from religion? Separation of church and state? Gimme a break! I can’t think of a single lawyer who would waste his or her time or money suing a video-game company over an *optional* (use if you want to, or not)venue or game object.

And yes, Little V, this thread is still going. Please feel free to hit that report button. We know you want to…if you haven’t already.

And by the way, it’s gone beyong a mere download, because not everyone has a viable internet connection, and people who want these things or who don’t mind them, should have a chance to have them.”

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