Ptolemy Legacy Gen 5 chapter 1

Hello I’m very excited to see you all.  My name is Nancy. NO I’m not named after Nancy Drew..why do people always have to ask me that? Saddly my sisters&I didn’t have any prom because of too many teens pranking the school. We did grow up.


I got engaged to a sweetheart Markus Windsor   (off  page: aren’t you?) even though mom totally embarrassed me at my bacholerette party by dancing on the counters.

“Sorry honey!! I didn’t know I embarrassed you”  “Its alright I need to be embarrassed every once in a while” that was my mom.

Then I got married:

After I did I think 11 cases (yes I’m a PI like the Nancy I’m NOT named after) Markus and I “tried for Baby”

several days later I gave birth to twins Gilbert and Anne:


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