Anne in Ellabur II-proluge

In a castle in the land of Ellabur there was a young King and Queen, King Alexander and Queen Anne. In a small room of this castle three of the King Alexander and Queen Anne’s advisors were talking about a new prophecy that  the Majesties were unaware of and if they should tell them. Warlock uncertainly said “I don’t know if we should tell them. Since you know how people can act about a prophecy

” Deb argued “I don’t think Queen Anne would do something stupid. Since she is Genre Savvy and she told me ‘I wouldn’t place my children on a hill if there’s a prophecy. It would just come back to haunt me later. There’s no escaping a prophecy.’.  Besides Peace told me that why Anne didn’t touch either the apple or the spinning wheel in the tower. ”

Warlock said; “I think its still too soon for a new prophecy after the last one was just fulfilled”

Deb replied “That was three  years ago when THAT prophecy was fulfilled”

Baroness Layla said “I don’t think we should bother either of them at th moment with the two of them worrying about Queen Anne’s pregnancy which I think is in its 6 month?”

Just at that particular moment there was a soft knock on the door. A knock everyone recognized at the Queen’s knock.  Queen Anne looking tired but still regal came into the room and asked “What are you three up too?”  Deb quickly said; “ Your Majesty, We are planning a surprise birthday party for King Alexander. You should go back to your room to rest. What with that baby on its way and all.”  Queen Anne said “Yeah I should but for some reason I keep having a craving for apples.”

They were suddenly interrupted by one of the royal guards, Cpt. Paul, rushing towards the room. Queen Anne asked “What’s the problem Captain. Paul?”  Cpt. Paul: “Your…. Highness…. there…is…a …man…claiming….to….be….King….Alexander’s….twin….brother…….the…gate.” “I will get King Alexander and we will meet the man  in the throne room. Queen Anne said calmly.  The three advisors looked at each other thinking : “Has part one of the prophecy come true?”

*********6 months later****************
In a very crowed, fancy decorated throne room the nobility were chatting with each other.  The gigantic  doors near the throne opened up the King and Queen walked into the room with the Queen holding the baby. “Their Majesties,  King Alexander Basil George Henry Charming and  Queen Anne Victoria  Ella Charming, and their newborn son  Prince Ade Fernando Eric Charming  ” the herald announced.  The nobility and the other guests  keeled  down to show their future king that they are obedient to him.  Queen Anne looked around the room  whispered into the King’s ear “Why isn’t your brother, Akwetee here??”  “I don’t know. I did invite him.” King Alex whispered back.

Queen Anne stepped out of the room for a bit and almost bumped into one of her Ladies-in-Waiting, Ashley.  Queen Anne asked “What’s the problem Lady Ashley?” Lady Ashley replied “the servants found a baby on the doorstep of the servants’ entrance but the kid has a fancy blanket that means that he/she is not a servants’ kid. The kid does have a note but its address to King Alexander .”  “I will go to see the kid myself” Queen Anne calmly said.  Anne goes downstairs to the Servants’ quarters and takes a look at the note:

Dear Alexander

You do not know me but if it hadn’t been for that prophecy (I mean the prophecy might not have referred to you at all)  and if your parents were still alive, you and I would have been married to each other.
This kid is my daughter , Nayja Catherine Babel Avalon. I am sure I will never see her again because I am being hunted by someone.  Just do this one favour when my daughter and your son get old enough please have the two of them marry.

From Queen Abuya, Elisabeth,  Regina Avalon


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