TEEN PREGNANCY IS NOT COOL FOR THE TEEN WOMEN WHO ARE OR WHO HAVE BEEN PREGNANT. Three (maybe four or five) scenarios that could occur:
if the woman was Lucky:
1)baby’s daddy (also a teen) marries pregnant teen girl
2)baby;s grandparents help to raise baby
3) “Open” adoption (being in contact with the kid)

1)single teen mom having to work 4 or more part-time jobs just to raise the baby (since she was kicked out of her parents’ house
2)give baby up for a “closed” adoption
3) get married to baby daddy and the girl finds out the baby daddy is a jerk and might even be abusive.

Teen marriage is 99% to end up in a divorce more so than parents who get married and have kids later in life.

IF the teen keeps the kid she has no time for family, friends, or school. That she might even have to drop out of school and only be able to get part-time jobs.

2 Responses to “TEEN PREGANCY IS NOT COOL!!!”

  1. denibabii. Says:

    You make it sound like having a baby as a teenager is the end of the world. It isn’t the best decision, but accidents DO happen. Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean your life is over. Yeah, maybe for a few years she is gonna have to stay home and won’t be able to do anything, but when the child gets older, she can go to college or whatever. Plenty of grown women get pregnant, and raise the kid alone. Just because you’re a mother doesn’t mean you have to get a part time job. There are things called babysitters, friends, and family who could watch the child while you are school/work.

    Teen pregnancy isn’t a joke, but posts like this only terrify girls who are already terrified enough. You have such a black and white look about it. Either the dad is gonna be great, or a dead beat. The grandparents are gonna be good or awful. If the grandparents care anything about their daughter, they’ll be there for her and support her.

  2. celoptra Says:

    yes accidents do happen.. but.. because of shows like 16&pregant teens girls WANT to get pregnant..in order to BE on the show.

    But lets say you’re a teen girl.. You probably don’t have plans that have to do with a baby until like maybe in late 20s,early 30s. Since you would want to go to post-secondary school to be a lawyer or something.

    She gets a bun in the oven when she still a teen and any of the scenarios mentioned in blog could happen.

    Her parents are willing to help raise baby. Parents are unwilling and kicks the girl out of home.

    the father of baby (also teen) might be willing to marry teen. Teen dad might just “drop” the girl all together and go have fun with other girls. (or finding out he’s a jerk/abusive after marriage)

    no time for friends, family.. and having to have more then one job making ends meet.

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