Ptomley legacy chapter 1 Gen 1:

Note: sorry for my bad grammar and punctuation-horrible at it.

Hi there my name is Cleopatra Ptolemy. My traits are: Absent Minded, perfectionist, Hopeless romantic, Heavy Sleeper and Computer whiz. My Lifetime Wish is to become a World Renown Surgeon. When I was a little girl I had this dream that when I became an YA I should move to Riverview and start a family and have 9 generations follow me.

This is my so-called house that good for nothing real estate person sold me-he said it was a 5 bedroom 3 bathroom mansion.

But first I have to get a job. Looking up a job in the Riverview Weekly-a good organ donor.

Here I am asleep before my first day at job

Here I go my first day at my new job.

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