I’m so mad at Jelwery13’s comments about stuff.

On two separate threads she made what I think are nasty comments but other people wouldn’t find them nasty. I think that if jelwery13 was living in Canada (she lives in the U.S.) She would mostly likely voted Tory.

Her first comment was “Agreed. Girls are girls and boys are boys. Accept your gender and live with it. I think it’s wrong enough that the game allows gays as it is.” Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they dress up like woman or vice versa. Tomboy girls there different types of tomboys (though they all are girls) some don’t like to play with ANYTHING girly. Others tomboys might play with dolls,etc but still like to do boy-ish stuff.

Another comment makes me think that Jewlery13 one of those people who think woman should stay at home and be Barefoot and pregnant” the comment

“I know but I think parents are bad parents if they expect someone else to raise their kids for them If you can’t afford kids, you shouldn’t have them.”

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