Anne and the Human Trafficking Case

Chapter 2:

Anne was up and dressed at nine and started making brunch for everyone when she heard a honk of a car outside. She went outside and saw brown haired Cecily Falk and blond hair Lacy Carlson. “HEY GUYS COME ON IN.” Anne yelled to them. Cecily and Lacy got out fast and went into Anne’s house. Cecily points to the newspaper she’s holding and said: “This is the article we mentioned last night.”

On Thursday morning the employees of Romana’s Spa, found the basement of their spa a complete mess. Which it hadn’t been the day before when the place had closed for the night. There’s no clue why it has become a mess. Detective Arthur Rundstrom was the first officer on the scene. He didn’t really find anything and he’s not commenting to the press.

After reading, Anne said “Detective Arthur is who I talked to last night on the phone-he’s not going to be too helpful. But he did give us permission to search the basement of Romana’s Spa.” A short while later the three friends want to Romana’s Spa. When they got there a woman greeted them at the counter who looked a bit like Miss Rice from the Sumac’s Travel Agency. “Miss Rice?” Anne says. The Receptionist looked up confused “Debe tener mi me confundió con mi hermana. Yo soy la señorita Roll.” Anne said: “No hablan español habla usted Inglés?” “Si I do speak English,” said Miss Roll. “What do you want?” Anne replied “We have permission to search the basement of the spa.” “I will let you in but I don’t know what you are going to find Detective Arthur didn’t find anything.” The friends went down into the basement and they saw it was a mess; chairs were overturned, there was water here and there, mirrors and windows were broken. Near one of the windows, Anne noticed something green that was on one of the pieces of mirror shards. She went over and after putting gloves on and picked up the green piece using a tweezers “interesting,” Anne said “Just like I thought.” Cecily and Lacy had come up and asked “What did you think?” She replied “I thought the disturbance was caused by a struggle –and we know that Brannon been kidnapped right?” “Yes Anne, but keep on going.” Cecily said. “Well from what I can tell someone grabbed Brannon over there,”

Anne said point to one fallen chair the farthest away from them “and he tried to fight back but when fighting this mirror broke and got a piece of his shirt. Which I’m holding. But it seems like the kidnappers won. I’m going down to the police station to give this to Arthur.”

They left the spa after looking for footprints and found only staff’s and they also didn’t see Brannon’s car and went back to Anne’s blue four-door Sedan.

After they were driving for a short while Lacy said “Um Anne? I hate to tell you but someone’s car is following us.” Anne replied back ‘Lacy don’t be such a Bess.” Lacy retorted back “I’m not being a worrywart. But someone’s been following us since we left the spa.” Anne asked “Can you see who it is?” “No Anne. I can’t. It’s one of those cars with tinted windshields. But funnily it has all these weird symbols on it.” Than Anne used the twists and turn-offs of the town’s roads to get the car off their trail. After that happened they dropped off the green piece of shirt at the police station. Then Anne dropped Cecily and Lacy off at their houses and went home.

When she got home her mom said “Frank called and said that you won a cousin in an adopt-a-cousin program at his school that he signed you up for.” Anne asked “Who’s my cousin in this adopt-a-cousin?” Mom replied “You’re cousin from his program is Nancy Drew. Frank says she will be calling in a bit here.” just than a phone rang and Anne ran to it “Hello? Nancy?” “STAY OUT OF THIS OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!!” a threatening voice said. “Weird But that’s what you get in this detective business.” Anne said again the phone rang and Anne took it. “Is this Anne? It’s me Nancy Drew my Aunt Eloise says I should a cousin even if it’s by a adopt-a-cousin program.” Anne rattled off “I love your mystery adventures and just start my first case-I got a threatening phone call-I think they were using a voice disguise device” Nancy and Anne talked for awhile on the phone and then hang up.

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