It seems to me that us, humans, have been having wars since the beginning of mankind times. I don’t think this will end anytime soon not unless 1)man kind ends for good, or 2)another flood that happened/supposedly happened (I saying both-since I read most mythological stories and all cultures have a similar Noah/flood story and not to mention I seen on a documentary historical proof of said flood) In the early years both sides believed the other side was “barbarians” but now during wars, both sides think that God(s) are on their side when sometimes HE or THEY aren’t on either side (or on opposite sides-as is the case with Homer’s Iliad)sometimes I think even God(s) need to work together both the present one(s) and the ones from the past if we are either going to bring peace to this world. Yes I know that God(s) did promise not to do a flood again but he might just change his mind if we don’t stop having wars with each other.

I mean look at what the Gothic stories (Frankenstein/Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame ((not so much in the original story)) try to teach us??)) They try to teach us it doesn’t matter whether we are white, tan, dark-skin, or are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu Jewish, OR Muslin, or whether we are straight/gay/bisexual OR have a disability or defect what really matters is what is inside of us. Another Gothic story which was written tell us we ALL have evil in side of us.

If we are fighting within our own kind (human kind) how will we be able to defend ourselves from a bigger threat (like aliens-not that I believe in them)) if we are not united?? Sure we have a United Nations but it doesn’t really do much. We need to remember the past so we don’t make the same mistakes as the people before us did.

I think of several ways to do that:

1) have politicians have a degree in history
2)Have the PM (President) /Premier(??)/Mayor each spend a day or week or a month on welfare (I kind of got that idea from Book 5 of Harry Potter)

Another point is if we stopped fighting wars, leaders, would have to lead by good example and not by force (improved version of Master Meng’s words)

We all should share Martin Luther King’s dream which was his “I Had a Dream” speech in the 60s

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