I hate Edhla!!!

I hate Edhla she’s accusing me of being culturally intensive and lazy.

This is what she wrote:

MadameLee- you have no idea what you’re talking about. I wasn’t talking about forced marriage. I was talking about ARRANGED marriage. Even if the bride is happy with her groom, she does not get to pick him. She is given to him by her father, usually in exchange for money or land. She is her father’s property and becomes her husband’s property. That’s what an arranged marriage IS. That is what they are for.

If you are trying to play it both ways and have the option of the child saying “no” to a potential spouse, that isn’t an arranged marriage. That’s an ordinary marriage with nosy parents.

You are the one who is completely ignorant of what you’re proposing here- all because you seem to be too lazy to have your sims date like everyone else has to do. Oh yes, and pretty dresses. That’s all it comes down to. Just use the darn socials. Or testingcheatsenabled true and slide their relationship bar up to best friendship and go from there.

You seem to think that if you spam this thread and bump it up enough somebody from EA will think this is an awesome idea. It will never happen. It’s as misguided as those wanting polygamy in the game, or that guy a few weeks ago who saw “Shutter Island” and wanted EA to have sims that were schizophrenic, bipolar, etc.

And I wouldn’t be coming down so hard on you if it wasn’t for how culturally insensitive you’re being. This is a serious freakin’ issue in many parts of the world and can lead to all sorts of social and relationship problems. Aero commented that not everyone hates it, but those of us who are not in that culture and who aren’t being palmed off between men who legally own us have NO right to act as though this is some sort of cute way of cheating the romantic socials.

Her point about woman were property was True-once. But now Arranged Marriage brides DO get a say they pick from a list of potential spouses their parents made.

If it was such a freaking issue in the first place in many parts of the world why aren’t there more newspapers articles about it? All I can found is articles about it in INDIA-where a friend’s family lives. ‘

I’m not being d- lazy it just either everyone doesn’t want to 1) spamming 5,000 romance options every single gen. gets boring pretty fast with or without either party having Hopeless Romantic or flirty traits or 2) having to cheat after spamming 5,000 Romance options takes the fun out of the entire idea.

You read it who’s being culturally intensive me or her?

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