Tangled arugments-Gothel wasn’t a stepmom and Rapunzel wasn’t enslaved

“Mother” Gothel isn’t/wasn’t a step mom since that would mean the birth mom/queen either split up with the birth dad/king, or the birth mom/queen died. But we know that isn’t true since both Rapunzel’s birth parents were together the entire movie. Go look up the meaning of step-mom. Oh and unlike Snow White/Cinderella’s step moms Gothel WANTED Rapunzel (so it was mostly hair). I believe Gothel really did love Rapunzel since how else would Rapunzel learn to read,cook, bake?.

Rapunzel wasn’t enslaved since the definition of “enslaved” is “To make into or as if into a slave” and technically that applies more to the first 2 Disney Princesses (Snow White and Cinderella-considering they were “forced to become servants in their own home”) then Rapunzel-so sure she does chores what kid doesn’t do chores-beside she need to do something when waiting for “Mother” to come home didn’t she?

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