Why is it that in Cinderella stories/plays everyone acts like Cinderella is the character’s birthname when its SOOO isn’t?

Does anyone from the Victorian times or earlier or later and onwards know that Cinderella isn’t Cinderella’s birth name? No its isn’t. Its her nickname given to her by the Ugly Stepsisters. Her real birth name is Ella. She’s was only called Cinderella by her stepsisters because she slept besides the fireplace since she work from dawn to dusk and later so her clothes would be covered in Cinders. I think people are getting Cinderella and Snow White confused sometimes-since Snow White IS her birth name. Since Snow White IS Snow White’s actual name, unlike the name Cinderella’s is known by.

PS. Please don’t confuse Snow White and the 7 _____ (Dwarfs, Idols,etc) with Snow White and Rose Red. Since the latter has to do with a bear and only one (evil) gnome/dwarf while the former has to do with the apple (and in the Grimm’s version), poisin comb and Corset.

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