Kinect Adventures Review

Kinect Adventures was very fun. The only problem was in River Rush that the pylons move-so you would just go one way just to switch to the other way-but other wise it was fun
For a First-timer in 20,000 Leaks I was pretty good-its feels bit like Twister except your outside a underwater tank with fish that aren’t welcoming. I need more practice with Ralleyball. Space Pop was pretty good too. I need a bit more practice with Reflex Ridge (which makes me think of something between a railroad crack and a roller coaster). The game takes picture of you moving and it shows it to you when you done-that particular game.


Reflex Ridge

Space Pop

20,000 Leaks

The only problems with the game:
1) the beginner and intermediate level should have bars similar to the one at the beginning of the game in Reflex Ridge instead of it “BOOM!” appearing in the Advance level-and the instructions in those two game levels don’t help a bit. 2) the Advance level should either a)change the goal to a Silver medal or b) change the number of pins you need or else in the current version you can not get 90 in River Rush or 260 in Space Pop.

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