I feel sooo Trapped

I feel so trapped w/ my parents. They are so over-protective even though they claim they aren’t. I want to change programs and mov into res. I have 7 reasons to move into res and one reasons to change programs.

I feel like Disney’s Jasmine “Trapped” (don’t think this is an argument)
2) They (you) want me to be indenpent but your treating me like a child
3)I would learn skills in res to be indepent
4) I could go into the gym more (mom, you are always encouraging to go the gym )and I would be able to go more if I lived in res
5) Get involve with clubs since I can’t really do that in my current position-it would look great on my resume
6) be Healthy -as you know there’s a densit clinic and there’s a doctor’s office on-campus
7) I could be safe on-campus since there’s a campus walk.
8)If I going to be doing something for the rest of my life I might as well do something that appeals to me.

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