HEY MARE you wanted to see more stuff? Well here are 4 BRAND-NEW SIMS! Whats your opinion on them?

Anne Brown:

Modern-day outfit (clue: backwards version of Disney’s Enchanted)

Peasant outfit

Princess outfit

Aramis Smith aka Prince (read my story you will know what I mean!!)

Peasant outfit:

Prince outfit (1):

the purple is too represent Royalty its one of the 2 colour dyes too expensive for commoners (or streetrats)

prince outfit (2)

Karan Raven (you can guess who’s THAT based on if you read the story)

I would have used a hood but none are available except in CC.

Layla Vega

the reason she might look a bit odd is because she is most of the time snake or raven.

Story pics:

The person in the Green dress is Anne Brown (she's suppose to be trapped in a castle, but I had to improvise with what EA gave me). The figure on the right is a DISGUISED K.R.

Do I really need to explain this picture?

Another one I don't really need to expalin if you seen Snow White or Sleeping Beauty (or read them either)

The long-lost Prince of Ellabur

Prince Alexander Charming in what's suppose to be a Dugeon

Prince Alexander just before he's going to kiss Anne Brown

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