Disabilties in Sims??

I think disabilties should be in the Sims game-considering kids growing up and adults who are already grown up need people like themselves in toys/games or else they think we (disabled people) are invisible yet we know we aren’t invisibile because if we were people wouldn’t bug us.

I have 3 reasons why disabilities should be in the game:

1) we elevators are coming-(for complely lazy sims-who don’t take steps)

2) we know EA is capable of making sims in wheelchairs (Simcity 4-hey not part of the sims series-but a cousin).

3) we have Africans, Asains, and Causains–so why can’t  disabled people be part of the diversity. I mean there are disabled Afrians, Asians, etc-I mean diversity means people who differ gender, culture and physically.

All the excuses I seen are complete lies.

They don’t need to re-do all the animation.  We have bending down for parents kissing kids. Not all disabled people need caretakers.  They could easily hire a disabled person (or disabled people) for such a project and the money could 20% goes to the disabled.  

I will come back to add details latter


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