Dear Nostalgia Chick

The whole movie is ABOUT racisim/misunderstanding-but Disney did change some lyrics during the “Savages,Savages” song. I mean us, the “white” people think they were the devils and they thought us were the “devils”–“Barley even human”. I mean  of course Kocum would be “distrubed” wouldn’t you be if you were a Native male  person who’s identend was the Daughter of the Chief was “making out” by a “devil with mikly hide”.  And Thompson (the red headed guy?) would have also been “distrubed” by John Smith “making out” with a “savgage” female.

The songs are there for a REASON-its suppose to be FOR kids (well techinally its suppose to be FOR all ages-but kids like stuff with singing.

John Smith going back on a 7-month long journey-is somewhat real. Since the real Redhead/brownhead (or as I called it red-brown hair) John Smith after having some gunpowder bags go “off” near him he got some wounds and had to go back to England-You need to do some research of your own.

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