What is this nonsense that all Muslims are terrorists and/or Talibans? I know two people who are Muslims and aren’t terriorsts or member of the Tailbans.  I mean one man who I know now is a Muslim is the husband of a Christan woman. The other Muslim I know doesn’t even wear a hijab or any other “supposed” religious wear and she knows it is just cultural. I mean any reglion could be a terriost and yet we deliberately target Muslims. I mean if a Christian or Jew was a terriost the newspapers wouldn’t state they were Christians.  I mean according to my research, Christians and Jews are descend from Abraham’s child by his wife Sarah. Muslims are descended from Abraham’s other child, Ishmael

How is being attracted to the same sex “evil”?  I mean do we NOT eat shell food? Do we NOT wear mixed clothing? DO we sell our children into slavery? DO males have multiple wives in the western world?

I mean does it really matters what you look like, or where you are in the world? What really matters is what inside of you.

The song which is the title of this blog article in Rogers and Hammerstein’s SOUTH PACIFIC sums it up perfectly.

You got to be taught/to hate and fear/you got to be taught/from year to year/ its got to be drummed in your dear little ear/you have to be carefully taught/you got to be taught/ to be afraid/ of people whose eyes are oddly made/and people whose skin is a different shade/you got to be carefully taught/you have to be taught/ before its too late/before you are six or seven or eight/you got to be carefully taughttttttttttttt!

I mean I grew up with with 2 families that were mixed families. A classmate of mine and my cousins. I also know a person who is gay and I am fine with that stuff.

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