Years in Harry Potter

Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington b?-October 31, 1492 (year on death-day cake, Chamber of Secerts, Deathday Chapter)

Albus Dumbledore born July or August 1881-early June of 1997

1936 or 37- Went to vist Tom Marvlo Riddle (the future Voldemort) at the Muggle Orphange

1945-Defeated Grindwald

Abforth D. 1883-? (Hog’s Head barkeeper)

Ariana  D (b. 1885 -d. 1889)

When Ariana was 6  some Muggle boys who saw her do magic and tramuizeed her.  The father was put in Azkban the wizard jail, for hexing the boys. She wouldn’t do magic, but couldn’t get rid of it (because she couldn’t control it, she had frequent outbursts of magic) After the attack  Mrs. Dumbledore moved the family to Godric’s Hollow  where everyone thought she was a Squib (oppsite of a Muggle-born witch/wizard).  In 1864, Mrs. Dumbledore was killed by one of Adrina’s out-of-control magic. So that left Albus as the head of the family who was forced to stay with Adrina so Abforth could finish his education (despite the fact that Abforth offered to stay at home since Adrina would calm down for him). Sometime during Albus’ time as Adrian’s guardian  Gellert Grindelwald came to Godric Hollow to stay with his aunt , Bathilda Bagshot, having been kicked out of Durmstrang Institute for his extreme experiments with the Dark Arts. Albus and Grindelwald were planned on taking over the wizarding world and make the Muggles subservient “for the greater good.”. Abforth put a stop to the plans since Adrina was in no condition to be moved which made Grindelwald mad and a three-way duel brokeout between Gridwelwald, Albus and Abforth which Adrina got caught in the cross-fire and died when trying to stop her out-of-control magic. “The flashing lights and the bangs set her off, she couldn’t stand it… and I think she wanted to help, but she didn’t really know what she was doing, and I don’t know which of us did it, it could have been any of us – and she was dead.”-Abforth Dumbeldore.

Tom Marvlo Riddle (b Decemember 31, 1926,-d. May 2, 1998)  pure-blood Mom. Merope  Gaunt ( c. 1907-1926).  Father  Tom Riddle Sr. (Muggle)-b.?-d summer of 1943  Sometime around the 1920 Merope was moping for Tom Riddle the handsome Muggle lad in Little Hangton-the local town. After her dad, Marvlo, and her brother, Morfin, were imprionzed for attacking a Minstry Offical, Merope bewitched and married Tom Riddle. When she thought Tom Riddle would love her back Merope dropped the Love Potion but Tom abandoned her and their unborn son.  She died after giving birth to Tom Marvlo Riddle (named after his dad, and grandpa). Note: the Gaunt side is how Tom Marvlo Riddle is connected to Slytherin.

In 1937  Dumledore came to vist Tom Marvlo Riddle and tell him he was a wizard. Tom Jr. thought his dad was a wizard because his mom couldn’t be a witch because if she had been one she would have used magic to stay with him.  Even at this time he was afraid of death and knew  he could talk to snakes.

1937 -1941 (?)-he discovered the Chamber of Secerts and his connection to the Syltherin bloodline.

1942-1943 the 1st time Chamber of Secerts was opened and than closed (after framing Rubeus Hagrid). Also around the sametime he asked Professor Slughorn about  Horcruxes. That summer he killed his “filthy” Muggle  father and grandparents and framed his Uncle Morfin by planting a fake memory (he took the ring from him too-YES, THE RING that makes Dumbledore’s hand black&injuried).

         Tom described the way he was seen as “poor, but brilliant, parentless, but so brave, a school Prefect, a model student.” This opinion was also shared by the professors.  The sole exception to this was Albus Dumbledore, who was, at that time, Professor of Transfiguration. Dumbledore remained suspicious about Tom’s true nature; Tom, in turn, despised and feared Dumbledore. 

1945-he graduted from Hogwarts and started working as Borkin an Burkes from then-? when he disappered from view. When he came back he asked for Dumbledore, who was, then, the Headmaster for Hogwarts, for the DADA postion. It was after this meeting the DADA postion become cursed.

1981 After hearing half of a prophey fall from power after killing James and Lilly Potter but not being able to kill Little Harry Potter.

James, Remus, Sirus, Peter, Snape, and Lily (Neville parents?)  went to school from 1971-1978. James and Lily  married probably in summer of ’78. all 5 (and Snape later) of them supposedly joined the orignal Order of the Phoniex.


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