Why in the #^$^&**#^~@! are Sea Monkeys classfied as toys when they are adverstied as Instant “living and breathing pets”?

Why in the #^$^&**#^~@! are Sea Monkeys classified as toys when they are advertised as Instant “living & breathing pets”? They lower blood pressure (but than so do dogs&cats),they also help you get patient,  they don’t require visits to vets, or much feeding (once a week feeding). The only cleaning require for Sea-Monkeys is to get the dead Sea-Monkey bodies out of the tank.  So you can’t “play with them” but its an EDUCATIONAL first pet for children (and pet for busy adults). You can play with toys and pets but you can’t play with Sea-Monkeys (toys require playing with them). They also are recommended for in the offices-since it will calm everyone not just the owner down not to mention the above lowering blood pressure. (Perfect for heart-attack prone-types). Can you cry into a goldfish’s body? No. Can you play with a goldfish? No.  But its a living, breathing creature like sea monkeys but goldfish are refereed to us “pets”-but you can do nothing with it except feed it and clean the tank. So how is it any different than a Sea Monkey?

But with dogs, cats, and goldfish you usually only start off with ONE dog,cat, goldfish but with Sea Monkeys you start off with a Colony of Sea Monkeys who then reproduce. Did you know that females can impregnate themselves with fertilized eggs ? (plants) Did you know they can have babies live? (Mammals). The majority of the time they have babies the fish way (eggs).

They also don’t require batteries like 5,000,000 other toys do. Do toys reproduce? I don’t think so.  Do toys live and breathe? No.  Do you REALLY have to “take care” of toys? No. The only thing that relate Sea Monkeys to toys  (in my opinion) is that like SOME toys they come with a tank “set” (Magic Castle, Sunken Ship, Mission on Mars,etc). But there is a SPECIAL offical set:

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