I hate LadyVampire and Arrleta too!!!

No matter what thread topic I make either on Burqa, and the NEW arranged Marriage thead both of which are CULTURAL and NOT Reglious. This !$%@%@$% LadyVampire using the arugment of they both are religous. I know she just getting me into a fight So I just answer once and if she keeps showing up on anythreads of mine. I will just report her if she keeps trying to provoke me into fights-sorry deb but she !$%!@%@%@$%!!! on my threads and is probably one of the ones responible for the 2nd ban-and I do not want an permaban.

Arrleta  I only hate is that she claims I am hell-bent on wanting clothes/marriages/lifestyles in Sims. Hey at least in my arranged marriage thread I am not asking for something like a drowy for the bride or that the groom has to pay a bridle-price for her-NOW That’s something to crap about.

Hey at least I am not asking for the re-makes of 5,000,000 eps.


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