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Chapter 5 Layla’s revlation

June 12, 2010

A young women with porcelain skin and knee-length hair. She is walking through the Halls of Kings. When she stopped suddenly in front of the portrait of King Basil. Interesting Layla thought Aramis’ chin and nose is like King Basil’s nose and chin.  Layla suddenly realized Aramis is the long-lost Prince Alex!    So Layla rushed downstairs into the lab.


Karan “Yes Layla?”

Layla; “I have three things to report.”

Karan: “report than don’t be all day about it!’

” first, I found the cottage where Warlock is hiding out its in a cottage deep in the woods.  Second, the redheaded girl’s name is Anne. The last thing is the boy you see sometimes with Anne is Aramis and he is the long-lost prince Alex.”

.” Karan angrily “I KNEW WARLOCK was involved with this. I KNEW PRINCE ALEX wasn’t dead. Warlock used two tactics from another fairytale. “

Anne in Ellabur Chapter 4 Aramis gives Anne a present

June 11, 2010

Anne and Dave the wolf walk through the woods while Anne talks to the mouse. “Hi mouse my name is Anne what is your name?” Mouse: “my name is Chloe. Thank you for rescuing me.”

Talking to both Dave the wolf and Chloe the mouse Anne said “I staying at Warlock and Aramis’s cottage but Aramis had a bit of an outburst after not being able to accompany me to town.”   They reached the edge of the forest and Anne parted company with Dave and continue into the town. She reached the inn called Apollo’s Music.

Anne than walked into the inn and walked towards the counter. When she was at the counter she said to the man behind the counter “Excuse me. But are you Mr. Henry Frederic?”  Mr. Frederic snaps: “Yes I am. What do you want?”

  Anne replies: “I have a letter of introductory   from the fairy Deb” Mr. Frederic grasps it out of Anne’s hands. After Mr. Frederic reads the letter he said: “You can have making the beds job. Also helping my wife with the tables here. But call me Ply ok? ” Anne: “Yes Ply when do I start? Tomorrow at lunch time but you might want to see if the last person’s working dress fits you.”

 Anne went and got fitted by Mrs. Frederic and the dress fits her just fine. Anne then want back to the forest where Dave-the-wolf was waiting for her. Anne went back to the cottage and saw Aramis without a shirt on chopping wood.  “Aramis what are you doing without a shirt on?!!!” Aramis noticed Anne just came and put his shirt back on. “I just got hot in the shirt. But on my way back to the cottage I found a dove which I think you would like. Warlock’s talking to her in the cottage. ” 

Anne walks into the cottage and Warlock looks up from talking to the dove. “Ah Anne your back. This is Peace the dove that Aramis brought back for you.”  Anne: “Hi Peace.  I am Anne.” Peace seeing a raven at the door “Um why is there a raven at the door?” 

Both Warlock and Anne sowly turn around and saw no bird at the door. “Layla” Warlock spat.

Anne in Ellabur Chapter 3: Aramis’s Outburst

June 9, 2010

Aramis comes in the door with his catch. “Warlock it is getting harder and harder to hunt these days.”  He notices the fairy Deb “Oh sorry Aunt Deb I didn’t realize we had you as a visitor.”

  Warlock: “The famine. But actually Aramis we have two visitors. One who will be staying with us for awhile.”  

At that moment a redhead woman in a peasant dress came into the room.  `Who is this young lady? “

Warlock introduces “Aramis this is Anne Brown who is staying with us for awhile. Anne this is Aramis my ward“

Anne curtsy towards Aramis while Aramis bows to Anne.   

Aunt Deb: “Aramis you said that it is getting harder to hunt for food in the forest?”

Aramis “Yes Aunt Deb it is getting harder to hunt in the forest”

 Aunt Deb: “That means someone needs to work. Warlock can’t do it and Aramis you definitely can’t do it” Anne interrupts and said she would do it. 

Aunt Deb: “I was just going to ask you Anne if you would mind working but you must have realized that already.”  

  Aramis: “Can I accompany her to town?”

  Warlock: “Definitely not Aramis.”  Aramis:  “Why not?!!!!!  What would it hurt for me just to accompany Anne to town???  I will even ask the dryad, Jackie, if we could borrow her wolf Dave.”  

Warlock: “The answer is still no. But you can introduce Anne to Jackie and ask her if she will mind her wolf Dave to accompanying Anne to the edge of the forest.”   

Aramis angrily said: “Fine! I getting really tired of these restrictions you putting on me. I mean I am just a commoner, aren’t I?”   

Anne, realizing there’s more to this than meets the eye, quickly changes the subject: “Aramis how about getting your horse ready? I just need to get my cloak from my room. Then I will be ready.”  

 Aramis then went to the stable and bridled his horse Adam. 

 “Anne are you almost ready?” Aramis shouts into the cottage.

Anne shouts back as she walks towards the door of the cottage: “I’m coming.  Deb gave me a letter of introductory to give the innkeeper a Mr. Henry Frederic.” Aramis gets on the horse and gives Anne a hand to get up on the horse. They ride for awhile until they found a wolf next to a tree.

The wolf does “Growl, growl” Aramis to the wolf: “Easy Dave it is just me. I need to talk to Jackie about something.” Dave the wolf: “Who is she?” pointing at Anne. “Her? she is Anne a guest at Warlock and my cottage. She just arrived today. Hey Anne come meet Jackie’s animal companion.”   “Coming Aramis just was rescuing a mouse that was trapped by a root.”  Anne replied.  Jackie-the-dryad than came out of the tree and said: “Hi Aramis what did you want today?” Aramis: “Jackie this is Anne, Anne this is the dryad Jackie. Anne going to go into town to work because I’m not allowed in town and I have no clue why and Warlock needs to keep an eye on me. So we come over here to see if you would mind Dave accompanying Anne to the edge of the forest.” Jackie-the dryad said: “No I don’t mind Dave accompany Anne.”

Anne in Ellabur Chapter 2 Karan’s Lair

June 9, 2010

Deep beneath the ground in a room, a man sat with a big book to his left and a cauldron to his right and potions brewing. In the room, voodoo dolls are in every nook and cranny. The man in his dark robe, as black as the shadows that surround him, was peering into a crystal ball on the table at which he sat with a raven at his side.

“Layla,” he said to the raven “how many years has it been since I started ruling this land?”

the raven replied: Let us see my lord, Alex was only 18 months old when we got rid of his parents but Alex disappeared. He is probably 23 years old now. Which means you have been ruling for almost 22 years.”

“The prophecy!” Karan shouted “it said I would only rule for 22 years before a girl from another land came.”

“so you think, my lord, the red headed girl you saw in the crystal ball is the one mentioned in the prophecy?” Laya asked, deeply concerned. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door

Karan shouts “Who is it?” the voice replied back “It is I the serving girl Leslie I thought you might be getting hungry down here.” “Come in then and leave the food,” Karan said. His attention went back to the raven as the girl set the food down on the table. “Yes, Layla, I do believe that the girl I saw is, indeed, the one mentioned in the prophecy. I want, no…I NEED you to keep an eye on her.”


“Yes, my lord,” Layla replied


Anne in Ellabur -preface+Chapter 1

June 8, 2010

Anne awoke with loud yawn and stretched her hands to the ceilling.”Good morning, Isabelle,” She greeted her sister who was hanging up some freshly clean clothes in the closet.

“Morning Anne, aren’t you late to work?” Isabelle says deeply concerned.

Anne looks at the clock..”Yikes! I am.”

Pull clothes on her and grabs a on-the-go sandwich and catches the subway to her job as a Secretary for a book company. Anne was glad that she had the night off . Ordinarily at night, Anne worked at theaters as an actor.(she has been in Romeo and Juliet, Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream, Oliver!, and Les Miserables). Today she had no roles to fullfil and there wasn’t anything interesting to watch at any of the nearby theaters. So instead she sat down with a good book the Phantom of the Opera for the fifth time. Its nighttime in the Phantom and two soon-to-be retired managers of the opera were holding their final gala. Anne has always wondered


Its interesting to think that Phantom of the Opera, Beauty&the Beast (both Disney’s and the oringal), Frankenstein and Hunchback of Notre Dame all have the same them as Coplin sings in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame of “Who is the Monster and Who is the man?” Well in Mary Poppins and Peter Pan have the same idea of parents who ‘don’t have time’ for children. It also is no wonder that the same ideas that can be found in those stories and in Shakespeare plays generation after Generation the same ideas are still there.

After while she closes the Phantom and starts getting ready for her jog.

Outside the building colorful leaves of autumn fell on her head as Anne jogged through the town, her red hair flowing behind her in the wind. As she jogged, the leaves cracked and crumbled under her feet on the very less used street . Amid the crackling, she heard an unfamiliar voice come from behind her. Amid the crackling, she heard an unfamiliar voice come from behind her.

“Anne,” The voice called.

Anne quickened her pace now running, almost sprinting on the street. Suddenly, she fell into an open sewer and yelped.

-Chapter 1-

Fighting her way out of the sewer, Anne looked around her. She had ended up near two dainty little cottages on either side of her. Both looked cozy and friendly. She saw in the distance a very large and aged castle peaking out of the hills beyond. It’s walls were a dank grey from what she could see and their were statues in the front that from here looked as if they were hardly human.

She turned around and was shocked to find behind her and the cute little cottages and sad, dead forest. The trees were bared and had a look of complete despair to them. As Anne finishes coming out of the hole in the ground, she hears a rustling in the bushes.

“Who’s there?” She calls. With a slight chuckle, a little fairy makes her way out of the bushes.

Deb replies “I’m a fairy called Deb. I protect any newcomer here and guessing by that strange garment* of yours you are a newcomer. People aren’t nice to foreigners in these hard times, so you will need to get a proper change of garments. What is your name? Where do you come from? .”

The little fairy had small, shining transparent wings on her back and lovely flowing gown. Her short, brown hair blew slightly in the wind and she smiled sweetly at Anne.

Anne says “My name is Anne Brown. I come from a place called Ontario. Where am I exactly?”

“This is a land known as Ellabur,” Deb replies, “and I’m afraid this is a very terrible time for us living here.”

“Oh? Why is that?” Anne asks curiously

Anne says “Do you know anywhere I could stay for the night?” Deb replies as she borrows some peasant girl dresses from a nearby cottage. “yeah I do come this way” as Deb walks into the forest. Anne follows Deb.

Deb begins to tell Anne of her land’s woes. “Many years ago, an evil, cruel man named Karan Raven, took over Ellabur and made himself King. It is said that he slaughtered the royal family, but no one knows for sure. They have all been missing since he took over, including the prince, but their bodies were never found. Only myself and a wizard named Warlock know where the prince is. As you can see, our land has also experienced a great famine. Warlock and an elemental he has controlled by the name of Thunder have tried to control the weather to cure our lands, but it has only worked in one area. I’m taking you there now as a matter of fact. Anyway, King Karan has been taxing heavily and ruining our country. He has built a castle on each land in our province to keep us all under his watch constantly-even though he is usually stays in one castle. The one you just saw.”

Soon Deb and Anne came to a moss covered thatch roof small cottage.

Deb shouts into the room “Warlock I have a guest here who needs a place to stay.”

Warlock shouts back “I’m coming Deb!” and then comes into view a long blue robe with a matching pointy hat and a white beard and staff. Warlock says “who is this young lady?”

Deb introduces “ Mistress Brown this is Warlock, Warlock this is Mistress Brown, a newcomer here says she comes from a strange place called Ontario.”

In the room they entered there was books scattered everywhere, dirty dishes still on the table and an unmade bed.

Anne than takes the clothes that Deb borrowed earlier and went into the one free bedroom to change. In the meantime Deb and Warlock talk.

Deb says “Remember the prophecy that Mistress Blake made?”

Warlock answers “Yeah I do remember that”

Deb “Do you think she, Mistress Brown, is the one?”

Warlock replies: “Mistress Brown might be the one in the propchery but it depends on the two falling in love.”

I think there should be arranged marriages in Sims 3.

June 4, 2010

arranged marriages in Sims 3 game.

1.The parents would want a good match. So they would call the matchmaker and the matchmaker would find several possible matches. Another option is the son/daughter picking a perspective spouse and the parents approving/disapproving the marriage (approve/disappoval is your choice for the parents to make)

2. the son/daughter with the parents’ or their choice of a husand/wife spend time together with a unmarried female Chaperon relative of one of the 2’s families.

3. After sometime you can have the son/daughter (this can only happen if the perspective spouse is the parents’ choice) fall in love with a different boy/girl. IF this is the case you can either make the parents force the kid to marry their choice or let the kid to marry whom he/she loves.

4. after courting if the kid dosen’t fall in love with someone else and might/did fall in love with the parents’ or their choice the 2 kids marry.

5. If the parents are mixed race (lets say Cauasin and African) there might be some simish aruging about whether to do it the arranged way or do let the kid marry whoever she/he please.