Screaming Mad at Toronto Police’s Attiude during G20

During the G20 900  people were arrested and detained at a detention-sp? centre in Toronto. Most of these were peaceful protestors, passerbys, tourists, students, Jouranlists (and TV personnel) and a couple of workers (including a mayoral canidate).

The police even had a new secert law made which says that the police had a right to ask people 5 meters within the fence area to identifty themselves.  They police picked on these people but where were the police when and where the Black Block actually did some damage (that the  federal goverment said before hand they were NOT going to pay for.)?  They were nowhere in sight.

The police maintained that when they did the “kettling” approch (surrond the people on ALL sides) they warned the crowd 3 times to disperse. But according to some of the people who been in the detention who were in the crowd said the police never warned them. 

One indenpent  jounralist said that the police “lost” $6,000 of his video camera equipment. Another indepented journalist said she was threatened by police. They said they were going to rape her. That she was going to be gang-banged. Another person said her boots were still mising after having  a laptop, boots, and a keychain photo of her son confiscated.  One woman who birth place was Iran had racist remarks made at her one of which was: “If you were my daughter I would slap you in the mouth.” One man after police asked the crowd to “move” asked “Where am I suppose to go?” and got hit by a riot shield. A medical student said the police misconstuct his bandages&supplies as banandas-sp?  ALL the women (probably men too-but the men didn’t get sexist remarks amied at them)were stripped-search. One women had to “go” on the floor. There were no blankets-people were so cold they asked for TOILET PAPER to wrap the legs in!!!, people who needed meds the police had the meds but would not give it to them. People had to go  up to 35 hours without a single meal-and when the few people who did get something to eat it was just a hard sandwhich which would have been better as a pillow. Detainees were stripped of all but a single shirt and legwear.   They didn’t even get medical attention if they need it!!!  Youth as young as 15 in adult cells and no parents were contacted. Several people have been released without anycharge and that  is termed as”false arrest” These people who been released  without charges were told NOT to talk to a lawyer. If it hadn’t been for volunteers there could have been  major medical treatments or EVEN DEATH.

All the people didn’t even get the right to call a lawyer nor did they get their rights read to them. This is basically a Charter of Rights violation. Not to mention the Canada’s tourist rate will drop BIG TIME becuase when tourists go back to their homes they will tell others to NOT travel to Canada.

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