I GOT BANNED FOR 72 Hours Just because I was keeping an interesting thread going!!


I was banned for 72 just for spamming aka “bumping”.  IT was an interesting thread.

Two trolls LittleV and LadyVampire are the ones who reported me. They also treated me very harsly bashing me saying I am uneducated about the Quran/Koran and the Middle-East. Almost  half  (if not more) of the thread people were using the reglious argument against Burqa in the game.

Side note: The arugment against burqas = relgion garment  is almost used as often as the arugment as the Beauty and Beast movie arument:   “encouragement for women’s abuse”.

 I mean Burqa had been around for years before Islam and were used for both men and women to protect them from sandstorms. I mean Burqa could be used as a disguse for PIs (for both genders)  in the sims.  I wore something simliar to the nijab (but with no slits for eyes) during my years with the Black Light  Puppet plays and even though there was something to see through it was hard to move.  Another argument against burqas was “too hard to do animation for it”-yeah right we already have loose dresses so how hard would it be to do a burqa?  LadyVampire says that I should try a vaction in a Muslim countries. I think they are the ones that are uneducated AND desvere a vaction in those countries because all the travel books I have  read tells women travelling


 NEVER,EVER wear Muslim clothes unless  they want a Muslim husband.  The clothes travelling women MUST wear are long sleeve shirts and long pants.

 ^ Doesn’t that make them uneducated?

If they wanted me to stop bumping they should have asked me nicely not have me banned. I think that maybe they were jealous that my threads got more attention than theirs. I did have a right to ask them that if they didn’t like the topic don’t post on it-people say it to Jarise9 1,000,000,000 times a day-and I couldn’t say it to two trolls?

I aslo think arranged marriage should be an option since its been around for centuries unlike the modern western way.

 Hey at least I wasn’t asked for a re-make of Seasons, Superstar, Univeristy, Nightlife, etc-like half of that forum.

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