Chapter 12 The battle, the kiss and the wedding

Layla suddenly appeared in the dungeon of castle 3. In the same cell that Prince Alex was in. As she unlocks the chains with her magic

she said “Sh. I am here to help you I changed sides now.”

Alex upstairs on the ground floor said: “Where do I get a sword and shield from? I don’t have time for a smith to make a sword for me.”

Layla conquered up a sword. “Here take this sword.”

Alex took a shield off the wall of the castle. Layla follows him and with her magic unlocks the horse’s chain. Alex hops onto the horse and rides off.

Karan who wanted another visit with Prince Alex went again down into the dungeon. As soon as he went into the room.

“What?!” Karan yelled “Prince Alex has ESCAPE?!!!” Karan raced up the nearest stairs to get to a tower. He looked out the window and saw Prince Alex on his horse Adam.

“How did he escape?” Karan asked. But than said some kind of spell that made candy thorns grow around Castle 2.

Prince Alex and Layla arrive right after the candy thorns grew.

Alex said “Great how do I get past these?” A voice in his said Use the sword. It can cut through anything. Alex used the sword and cut through the candy thorns.

 “NO!” Karan cried. He than by magic come over in front of Alex.

“Now you deal with me prince the master of all evil. Oh and before you ask yes I am Maleficent’s younger brother.” as he changed into a dragon.

“Um you forgot something Karan.” Alex stated “My ancestor killed your sister. So I can kill you. So are we just going to relive his and your sister’s battle?”

Karan-the dragon tried to roast Prince Alex with his purple fire. But Alex protect himself with his shield. Karan keeps spewing flames and one made Alex’s horse throw Alex off. Alex, luckily was unhurt. The fight went on. People back at castle 1 could see what was going on in the distance. All castle servants were on balconies facing the west.

“What in the world is going on over there?” a maid-of all work Katie asked.

Leslie said: “I believe it’s a battle between the long-lost prince and the current tyrant but the tyrant is in dragon form.” Alex suddenly got trapped at the bottom of a cliff.

Layla in small human form said: “What would your ancestor do?”

Go up! Good thing Anne told me the movies she knew in story format the night before this started. Alex thought and he went up and the fight continue. Suddenly the dragon and Alex were on the top of the cliff with no way down. Alex thought What were those words again? Oh yes I remember now.

Alex said “Now sword of whatever”

 Layla whispers “that sword is the sword of truth. Its what appeared in my hands clean from its last use back in the 14th century by your ancestor.  That shield is also from your ancestor. ”

“Now sword of truth fly swift and sure, that evil dies and good endure.” Alex mutters and flew the sword which hit the dragon in the right spot.

 Alex jumps out of the way as the dragon went over the cliff. The castle goes back to being thornless.

Alex goes into the castle and up the stairs and into Anne’s bedroom. Alex than bends over and kissed Anne. Anne’s eyes opens and A

nne says: “Aramis what are you doing here and with a prince outfit? You are a prince not just any prince but THE prince aren’t you?”

Alex: “Yes I am THE prince. But my real name is Alex. But you can still call me Aramis if you want. ” Prince Alex and Anne got onto Alex’s horse Adam and rode over to the castle 1’s town.

Prince Alex said “Hello loyal subjects, I’m really am your legal prince and king.”

a little black hair girl blurted out “How do we know you really are the true prince and not just another usurper of the Throne!!” “Shush! Sami. We don’t want to get into trouble with this one.” her mom told her.

Anne and Alex went into the castle and Alex asked “Anne will you marry me?”

Anne: “Yes but I want my sister to be here for the wedding.” Anne wrote her sister a note and Peace the dove went to the real world and found Annabelle. Annabelle read the letter. This is what it said.

Dear sister
it is I, Anne. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me. But I want you to follow Peace (the dove) back to the entrance way to Ellabur (the land I am in). I want you to be here for my and my love’s one wedding. I will tell you all about my fairytale when I see you. Who knows you might find a love of you own here.

Sincerely your sister


Annabelle went to the entrance way and came into Ellabur. She than went to the Castle.

Anne: “Sis you are here!”

Annebelle: “Anne I was so worried about you! I even had to lie to your employer and your agent about where you were.”

“Aramis Hurry up my sister’s here!”

Annabelle asked “Who is Aramis?”

Anne replied: “long story. But he is the prince. His birth name is Alex. But I knew him as Aramis. And he is my true love.”

“You need a change of clothes sis. Uh here they are. Change into them quickly.” Annabelle changed into the gown. Alex suddenly appeared.

 Anne introduced them “Dear meet my sister Annabelle. Annabelle meet my true love Prince Alex.” Than the prince left.

Anne said: ” Annabelle ask Deb where to sit for the wedding.” A couple of minutes latter Prince Alex and Anne, now Princess Anne were married. Everyone lived happily ever after.


The End


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