Chapter 11 the sleep and the second trap.

In Castle 2 Anne was exploring the castle while the Ladies-in-Waiting were getting stuff ready for supper. There was a tower that wasn’t there before when she came up here before. She went into the tower where she meet an old man. ““Grandpa has several gifts for you to choose from.” the old man said. Anne looked around the tower and saw an apple, a orange, and a Spinning Wheel.

Anne thought I have heard of Poisoned apples, and cursed Spindels so I shouldn’t touch either though in the second case I’m not Princess Aurora. I never heard of a sleep-induce poison orange. I guess I could take a bit of it. Anne than took the orange from the floor and than took a bit out of it. She suddenly dropped the orange and fell backwards. The man laughed evilly and left.

Very soon after this happened. Sara and Ashley were looking for Anne.

“Ashley” Sara said: “I found a tower that wasn’t here before.”

Ashley and Sara pushed opened the door and found Anne lying on the floor.

“Oh my! Is Anne dead?” Ashley asks.

Sara said: “No her heart is still beating.”

Ashely asked “What happened?”

Sara replied: “Well Prince Alex’s enemy, the current ruler Karan, must wanted to get Anne ‘out of the way’ so he disguised himself as an old man and made this tower and Anne being so curious she went into the tower and there were three choices to choose from: apple, spinning wheel or orange. Anne being a bookworm and in her own word a Disney movieworm she knew not to touch either apple or Spinning Wheels. But as far as I know there’s no fairytale-except this one that has a poisoned orange-so she thought she was safe eating it.”

The two of them carried Anne downstairs to her bedroom in this castle and onto the canopy bed.

 “So what do we do?” Ashley asks. 

Sara ordered: “Peace go straight to Warlock and tell him 2 things. First Anne is trapped in a castle. Second, that Anne ate a sleep-induce poison orange.” Peace flew to the cottage where she found Warlock and Deb.

Peace: “I. came …flying….as….fast…I…could…to..get… here. Anne is trapped ……in a castle…and she ate a sleep-induce poison orange.”

Deb said: “We need to tell Alex. Because he is her true love.”

Peace: “Who is Alex?”

Warlock: “its Aramis’s real name. Prince Alex Charming.”

Alex just came into the house. “You wanted to tell me something?” he said.

Deb answered: “Anne is trapped in a castle and is asleep after eating a sleep-induce poison orange.”

Aramis says: “So? What do I have to do with it?”

Deb replies: “You are her true love. The cure to wake her up is True Love’s kiss.”

Alex went back outside and rode off into the forest on his horse.

He was stopped by a man with brown hair who said “I know where Anne is” and lead Alex in the opposite direction of the castle Anne is in. As soon as Alex set his foot in the door to the castle. Some trolls overcame him and took him to the dungeon.

Karan after he changed back to his normal self went to the dungeon and visit Alex. Alex shook his chains.

“Karan ” he spat. “You killed my parents.” Karan: “Interesting I was expecting a peasant but I get a prince not just any prince. THE prince.” Alex thought is it just me or am I in the same situation as one of my ancestors Prince Philip and only with a male villain?. Karan said: “I haven’t seen you since you were just born Alex. You have your dad’s looks and your mom’s eyes. Yes I got rid of your parents.” Karan left the dungeon.


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