Chapter 10 The Prophecy Unveiled Part 2

Note: Prince Phillip belongs to Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.Aramis was going back home with his catch he got after being detoured by that woman. Aramis went in the cottage. Aunt Deb was there talking with Warlock. Aramis asked: “Where is Anne? Shouldn’t she be back by now?” “I just got a letter from Anne and I don’t know where she is.” Warlock said “Aramis we have something to tell you.” Aramis: “Did I do something bad?” Warlock: “No. But we have to tell you something.” Aramis: “So tell me.” Deb: “You are really the long-lost prince of this land.” Aramis: “Really?” Warlock: “Yes Really and your real name is Prince Alex. Twenty three years ago when you were born.”


Twenty three years ago shortly after Prince Alex has been born to King Basil and Queen Regina. The king and queen were in a meeting room shortly after Prince Alex was born with Deb the fairy, Warlock the wizard, Karan the Chamberlain, Layla who was severing some food to the Queen, and Vera. They were talking when suddenly Vera went into a trance. Vera said: “Twenty years a raven will rule until a women who has hair as red as a lion’s mane. The two will fall in love and the women with red hair will found that her true love is the prince.” Eighteen months later I escaped with you with help from Deb

*********End of Flashback*************************

.”We have been living here ever since.” Alex was at first shocked then angry: “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Deb said: “We had to wait for time to be right. And for the right woman to come. And see if she was the right person too.” Warlock: “I have a prince outfit I think it might be from one of your ancestors. I think his name was Phillip I am unsure.” “Uh here it is.” A red cape with brownish outfit.” Alex gets dressed in the outfit. “You have a similar build to your ancestor.” Alex said “I can’t believe I am a prince. I just thought I was a commoner. But this explains why you didn’t want to tell me about my parents.”


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