Chapter 10 The prophcy unveiled part 1


Later that day Aramis was out hunting. When a woman with pale skin and black knee-length hair said:

“There is a town that is being plagued in the north by a werewolf. Don’t come back till you do it.”

Back in the cottage Anne just got up and dressed and went downstairs:

 “I’m going into town to drop off some books.”

 Warlock: “You aren’t going anywhere today.”

 Anne: “I have to go to work or else I will be fired its only my third day at work.”

Warlock reluctantly: “Ok but don’t talk to any strangers.”

 Anne left the house and was on the way to town without Dave-the-wolf.

She was suddenly stopped by a woman with pale skink and black knee-length hair.

She said: “Come with me. I know where Aramis is” Anne follows her.

 After Anne entered the castle in the west, the woman disappeared and the doors closed behind her at the exactly the same moment.

Anne thought It was a trap. I shouldn’t have followed her. She was a complete stranger. But she said she knew where Aramis was. But what do I have to do with this place?

When Anne was following the woman. Chloe-the-mouse got Peace-the-dove to hold on to her and Peace followed Anne.

In castle 2 Anne want upstairs too the bedroom where she meet two brown hair women. Anne: “My name is Anne Brown. Your names?” Sara: “My name is Sara” Ashley: “My name is Ashley.” Anne: “I was following this pale skin and black knee-length hair. But she suddenly trapped me.” Sara and Ashley dropped their sewing. Both: “You are the only mortal to have seen Queen Layla’s real form.” Anne: “How did you get here?” Sara: “I was sent hear by words that people said after I had a dream about those words” Anne asked: “What were those words?” Sara said: “Mine were ‘apple’ and ‘Snow White’.” Ashley said: “I had a similar dream. But my words were ‘spindle’ and Briar Rose’.”. Anne thinks of what has been happening.

“Excuse me miss? But I think you need to get a new dress.”

Anne: “We can’t get a new dress because we are stuck in the CASTLE!!!! I KNOW We are stuck in a castle beside the doors closed behind me at the SAME Moment Layla-in human-form disappeared!!!” Peace the dove said: “Do you want to write a letter to Deb or Warlock.?” Anne: “No thank you Peace. But I do need to send a letter to Ply.” Anne writes the note and Peace delivers it and immediately returns.

Layla suddenly appears. “I am sorry I trick you. But a will go and get you a dress from the fairy Deb. But you have to give me a note saying I am from you.” Anne writers the note. Layla disappears again.

She reappeared near Deb’s house. Deb answered the knock at the door.

Deb said disapprovingly: “Oh you. What do you want?”

Layla: “I have come from Anne. She is currently trapped in a castle. But she needs a new dress. Here is a note written by her.”

 Deb looks at the note and see its really from Anne. Deb does some magic and a green colour very flowing off the shoulders a dress fit for a princess. Layla took it to Anne then disappeared . Than Anne with Sara and Ashley’s help put the dress on. Sara: “I think you hair should come down.” Anne took her hair down. Sara&Ashley: “You look beautiful mistress.” Anne: “Could you show me which way to the library of the castle? and stop calling me ‘mistress and miss’ my name is ‘Anne’. ” “We will come with you Anne.” They went to the library and Anne discovered the book that was missing from the town’s library the Visions of Light. Anne got it off the shelf and went over to the window and opened the book.

Visions of Light

Chapter 220

foretold by Vera Blake

Twenty two years a raven will rule till a woman with hair as red as a lion’s mane will come to this world. the two will fall in love and the woman with red hair will found out her true love is the prince.

Anne says: “I think the raven is referring to the current king. The woman with hair as red as a lion’s mane is me. But who is the prince?” She thinks back to what people have said in the last three days:

Deb’s words ‘The Prince has been missing since that time too. Only I and a wizard name Warlock knows where the prince is.” Aramis words: “I mean I am just a commoner aren’t I?” The raven and Warlock’s words ‘Layla’ Vera’s statement: I don`t think I know’ The words that send the two women here. Sara’s words ‘apple’ and ‘Snow White’ Ashley’s words of ‘Briar Rose’ and ‘spindle’.

The Prince must be Aramis!!!” Anne shouted out loud. Ashley and Sara said “Who’s Aramis? The Long Lost Prince’s name is Alexander”

“Warlock was the King Basil and Queen Regina’s trusted wizard, not to mention and their friend, he smuggled Prince Alexander out into a cottage in the woods, and called Him Aramis Smith.” Anne replied. . “Oh. Aurora, one of Prince Alexander’s ancestors, did a samiliar thing.” Sara said back


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