Chapter 9 Karan’s test

Chapter 9

In Karan’s palace. Karan was very mad at the fact that Anne and Prince Alex had fallen in love. Karan said to the snake beside him “What are we going to do?” Layla: “I have thisssssss good idea. But I don’t know if you will want it.” Karan: “Tell me the idea.” Layla: “You will appear to Anne in an handsome form and I will use another one of my human forms to appear to Alex/Ssssssso we can tessssssted if they are truly in love.”


*later that day*

Anne was walking towards the library to checkout some fairy tale books. Suddenly a man stopped her. Girls who were around him were staring at and fainting because of this man. Aaron: “Hey baby you and I are going out.” Anne: “I am NOT going out with you.” Aaron: “Why not baby?” winking at Anne. Anne: “GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP! Besides I am already taken.” Aaron vanished into thin air.

Aramis who was again hunting for food in the forest. When a women stopped him. Adrienne “You are tall and handsome. Would you like to go out with me?” Aramis: “No I will not go out with you.” Adrienne: “Why not Al- I mean handsome?” Aramis: “I’m not interested” Adrienne also vanishes.

When Anne&Aramis got home. They started talking Both: “I just had the craziest experience in the town/forest.” Both: “You first” Aramis:” No Anne you go first.” Anne: “I was on the way to the library when a man stopped me and ask me to go out. I refused him because I could see he was a jerk underneath all that handsome exterior.” Aramis: “I had the same experience with a woman in the forest.”


*in the palace*

Karan “Well that settles it. They both passed the test. They truly love each other. Know I just have to sent a couple of servants to get ready the castle in the west for Anne.”

Leslie heard all of this and raced downstairs. “Cook tell Katie to take over my chores tomorrow” Leslie raced all the way to Warlock’s cottage. *knock* *knock* Warlock opened his door in his PJs “Leslie what do you want in this late hour?” Warlock its important. And contact Deb quickly too.” Deb who suddenly appeared beside Leslie: “Did I hear someone call my name?” Leslie said : “yeah you did”

Warlock: “Now what is it that couldn’t wait till a more apropaite time?” Leslie: “I was working and I heard Mr. Raven mention some test that some girl called Anne and Aramis passed. Than he mentioned something about them being truly in love. Than he said he will send servants to a castle in the west to get it ready for Anne.”  Deb and Warlock looked at eacher and said  “uh oh.”

 After the meeting in the magic room Layla flew up to the Queen’s room and into her cage. Where several Ladies-in waiting were sitting were gossiping about the cook making out with the groom. The washer maid making out with the Chaplain. But suddenly two of the ladies-in-waiting fainted.

Sara’s dream

She was out in the hallway with Vega 1 Layla’s pet raven. Vega was talking to her. “Sara listen to me. When someone says ‘apple’ or ‘Snow White’ you have to pack you bags and journey to the castle in the west to meet someone.”

 *Ashley’s dream*

She was out in the hall with Vega 2. Layla’s pet snake. “Ashley listen to me. When someone says ‘Spindle’ or ‘Briar Rose’ you have to pack your bags and journey to the castle in the west to meet someone.



Both Sara and Ashley came around. A nameless lady-in-waiting said: “Hey who wants to hear a story about Snow White?” Another Lady-in-waiting Dani said; “Is she the one who pricks her finger on a spindle?” A third one says “No that’s Sleeping Beauty. A version of it is called Briar Rose. Snow White has to do with the apple.” Sara and Ashley started packing and left the castle and journey to the castle in the west.

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