Chapter 7 Vera’s werid statement

Anne was finished working for the day. But since it was too early to go home. She asked directions to the fairy Deb’s house. She finally got directions to the house and went to it. Deb let her in and they started talking.

Anne: “I met Thunder today. ”

“He woke me up. But he did tell me something very important.”

Deb said : “oh really?”

 Anne replied: “Yeah he said he can’t get into town because a force field is preventing him getting in.’

Deb: “Interesting. Karan must be responsible for that.”

Anne: “I was spending time with Aramis this morning telling him about my world and when we were deep in the woods a bear suddenly appeared.”

Deb angrily: “Darn it Karan can’t you leave well enough alone.”

Anne asks: “How is Karan involve with this? ”

Deb: “Don’t worry about it Anne. Let me and Warlock deal with it.”

Anne: “Yesterday Aramis gave me a dove who name is Peace.

” But all I got out was a ‘hi’ because Peace asked: ‘Um why is there a raven at the door?’

“But when the wizard Warlock and I turn around there wasn’t any bird at the door. Warlock than said ‘Layla’. By the way who is Layla?”

Deb: “Layla is Karan’s sidekick. She has two animal forms raven and snake. Layla can also but does rarely change into her human form. Its rumoured she also has more than one human form. Some people believe Layla is Karan’s Queen.   Anne could you do me a favour and run down to the library and ask for theBake Mete Ryalle recipe?” Anne: “Sure” Anne than ran back into town and into the doors.

Vera who was holding a pile of library books when a strange red-headed woman came in. She suddenly dropped the piles of books she was holding. She knew this woman was whom the prophecy foretold. Vera said “Sorry for my clumsiness. My name is Vera Blake. Your name?” Strange woman: “My name is Anne Brown.” Vera: “Miss Brown what did you want from the library?” Anne: “I’m on an errand for a friend. She wants the Bake Mete Ryalle recipe.” Vera: “I think there is something else you should see first. I will try to go get the book.” Anne thought How can I be in a book? Vera went to the section with history of the land and prophecies. The book Vera wanted wasn’t there. Vera spoke out loud how she was thinking “Where in the world is Visions of Light?” Anne who appeared suddenly asked “What is Visions of Light?” Vera who was walking towards the checkout counter said : “it’s a book of prophecies. All but one has come true or has been broken.” Anne: “You think I have to do with unfulfilled prophecy?” Vera who had taken the checkout book from underneath the counter “Interesting” Vera said “the Visions of Light has been missing for at least a fore night. But to answer your question. I don`t think I know.”

One Response to “Chapter 7 Vera’s werid statement”

  1. GreenonePly Says:

    I love the new chapter, I’m so glad we ran across each other in the forums. Keep it up. I feel one day we may see your name in print.

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