Chapter 6 Aramis and Anne’s argument

Early the next day Anne got woken up early in the morning by the sound of thunder. So Anne got dressed and went down to yell at the weather spirit.

“Thunder! Stop that right now”.

Thunder-the-weather spirit said “who are you?”

Anne: “I am a visitor. My name is Anne. You must be Thunder-the weather spirit? Deb told me about you.

” I literally dropped into this world yesterday. I’m staying here at Warlock and Aramis’ cottage.”

Takes a look out of the window towards the garden

Anne sarcastically: “Great the vegetables are ruined”

Thunder: “I will stop now. I didn’t mean to rain so hard. But I have lots of water but for me there is some kind of magical force-field preventing me getting into town.”

Anne: “Did you tell Warlock or Deb that?”

Thunder: “No I haven’t”

Anne: “I can talk to them about that.”

Thunder goes off somewhere else.

Anne talking to herself said “Now what should I do?”

“I can’t sleep anymore because Thunder woke me up.”

Peace the dove & Chloe the mouse : “This place is kind of messy with two men in it.”

Anne: “ah clean the house.”

Awhile later when Anne was making breakfast Aramis came downstairs.

Aramis said: “I’m sad”

Anne asks “Why are you sad?”

Aramis replies: “I never knew my mother and father. Warlock rarely mentions them.”

Anne sadly: I am an orphan too”

Aramis: “really?”

Anne: “Yes. My parents were killed in a war that my country was unhappily was involved in. So since than I lived with my five-year older sister Annabelle.”

Aramis: “I apologize for bringing back bad memories. So what is your world like?”

Anne is putting breakfast on the table while talking with Aramis ” First its alright how could you know I was an orphan too?

But back to your question

Where do I begin?

In some countries both men and women work.

Girls and boys as young as 4 go to school.

But when these kids gets to be teens that’s a totally different story.”

Aramis: “Why is it different when they become teens?”

Anne: “Well once you in high school more education. You kind of forced to join a group of people. There are althetes (Jocks and Jockess),nerds, popular girls. Also you kind of pressured to date guys because people around you are doing it.  Dating is a way of getting to know someone.”  “Then there is something called movies”

Aramis: “movies what are those?”

Anne: “Movies are difficult to explain. You know how some books have pictures?”

Aramis: “Yes”

Anne: “Well movies are stories with people called actors and actresses who played characters in whatever the story is.

The movies kind of makes the story come alive in front of your eyes and ears.

Some movies are based on fairytales and legends from different times.

For food we don’t have to grow our own food but can go to something called grocery stores where we can buy food.

Instead of horses we have something called cars. They are like carriages with their own engine.

We don’t have to write letters to stay in contact with others.

Since one of our methods is using something called a phone which you can just pick up and dial and call anywhere in my world. Even the next town! Some kids are lucky enough to have mobile phones.”

When Anne is still talking Anne cleans up and Aramis and Anne go outside.

“We have something called computers which also helps us stay in contact with people and help us with office work.

We also can have music sometimes from movies whenever we went thanks to the invent of something called the iPod. Hold on when I go get it”

Anne went back to her room and find her real world clothes and searched in the pockets for the iPod.

“Aramis this is what an iPod is”

Aramis looks at the iPod “very interesting.

Your world Anne is very advanced.”

They were very deep in the woods at this moment and Anne and Aramis were holding hands when the two heard “ROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRR!”.

Anne: “What was that?”

Aramis: “Just a bear”

Anne: “Sound like an angry one.”

Aramis: “Anne stay behind me!

Anne “Just because I am  from the other species doesn’t t mean I am helpless”

Aramis: “Yes it does!”

Anne “No it doesn’t”

Armais: “Yes it does”

Than suddenly the mad bear appeared right in front of them.

Aramis than used the dagger to deal with the bear.

Dave-the-wolf heard the racket and came by after Aramis killed the bear.

“So that’s what the noise was. Anne your going to be late if we don’t get going to town.”

Aramis went back to the cottage and told Warlock about what just happened in the forest.

“Karan!” Warlock spat.

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