Chapter 5 Layla’s revlation

A young women with porcelain skin and knee-length hair. She is walking through the Halls of Kings. When she stopped suddenly in front of the portrait of King Basil. Interesting Layla thought Aramis’ chin and nose is like King Basil’s nose and chin.  Layla suddenly realized Aramis is the long-lost Prince Alex!    So Layla rushed downstairs into the lab.


Karan “Yes Layla?”

Layla; “I have three things to report.”

Karan: “report than don’t be all day about it!’

” first, I found the cottage where Warlock is hiding out its in a cottage deep in the woods.  Second, the redheaded girl’s name is Anne. The last thing is the boy you see sometimes with Anne is Aramis and he is the long-lost prince Alex.”

.” Karan angrily “I KNEW WARLOCK was involved with this. I KNEW PRINCE ALEX wasn’t dead. Warlock used two tactics from another fairytale. “

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