Anne in Ellabur Chapter 4 Aramis gives Anne a present

Anne and Dave the wolf walk through the woods while Anne talks to the mouse. “Hi mouse my name is Anne what is your name?” Mouse: “my name is Chloe. Thank you for rescuing me.”

Talking to both Dave the wolf and Chloe the mouse Anne said “I staying at Warlock and Aramis’s cottage but Aramis had a bit of an outburst after not being able to accompany me to town.”   They reached the edge of the forest and Anne parted company with Dave and continue into the town. She reached the inn called Apollo’s Music.

Anne than walked into the inn and walked towards the counter. When she was at the counter she said to the man behind the counter “Excuse me. But are you Mr. Henry Frederic?”  Mr. Frederic snaps: “Yes I am. What do you want?”

  Anne replies: “I have a letter of introductory   from the fairy Deb” Mr. Frederic grasps it out of Anne’s hands. After Mr. Frederic reads the letter he said: “You can have making the beds job. Also helping my wife with the tables here. But call me Ply ok? ” Anne: “Yes Ply when do I start? Tomorrow at lunch time but you might want to see if the last person’s working dress fits you.”

 Anne went and got fitted by Mrs. Frederic and the dress fits her just fine. Anne then want back to the forest where Dave-the-wolf was waiting for her. Anne went back to the cottage and saw Aramis without a shirt on chopping wood.  “Aramis what are you doing without a shirt on?!!!” Aramis noticed Anne just came and put his shirt back on. “I just got hot in the shirt. But on my way back to the cottage I found a dove which I think you would like. Warlock’s talking to her in the cottage. ” 

Anne walks into the cottage and Warlock looks up from talking to the dove. “Ah Anne your back. This is Peace the dove that Aramis brought back for you.”  Anne: “Hi Peace.  I am Anne.” Peace seeing a raven at the door “Um why is there a raven at the door?” 

Both Warlock and Anne sowly turn around and saw no bird at the door. “Layla” Warlock spat.

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