Anne in Ellabur Chapter 3: Aramis’s Outburst

Aramis comes in the door with his catch. “Warlock it is getting harder and harder to hunt these days.”  He notices the fairy Deb “Oh sorry Aunt Deb I didn’t realize we had you as a visitor.”

  Warlock: “The famine. But actually Aramis we have two visitors. One who will be staying with us for awhile.”  

At that moment a redhead woman in a peasant dress came into the room.  `Who is this young lady? “

Warlock introduces “Aramis this is Anne Brown who is staying with us for awhile. Anne this is Aramis my ward“

Anne curtsy towards Aramis while Aramis bows to Anne.   

Aunt Deb: “Aramis you said that it is getting harder to hunt for food in the forest?”

Aramis “Yes Aunt Deb it is getting harder to hunt in the forest”

 Aunt Deb: “That means someone needs to work. Warlock can’t do it and Aramis you definitely can’t do it” Anne interrupts and said she would do it. 

Aunt Deb: “I was just going to ask you Anne if you would mind working but you must have realized that already.”  

  Aramis: “Can I accompany her to town?”

  Warlock: “Definitely not Aramis.”  Aramis:  “Why not?!!!!!  What would it hurt for me just to accompany Anne to town???  I will even ask the dryad, Jackie, if we could borrow her wolf Dave.”  

Warlock: “The answer is still no. But you can introduce Anne to Jackie and ask her if she will mind her wolf Dave to accompanying Anne to the edge of the forest.”   

Aramis angrily said: “Fine! I getting really tired of these restrictions you putting on me. I mean I am just a commoner, aren’t I?”   

Anne, realizing there’s more to this than meets the eye, quickly changes the subject: “Aramis how about getting your horse ready? I just need to get my cloak from my room. Then I will be ready.”  

 Aramis then went to the stable and bridled his horse Adam. 

 “Anne are you almost ready?” Aramis shouts into the cottage.

Anne shouts back as she walks towards the door of the cottage: “I’m coming.  Deb gave me a letter of introductory to give the innkeeper a Mr. Henry Frederic.” Aramis gets on the horse and gives Anne a hand to get up on the horse. They ride for awhile until they found a wolf next to a tree.

The wolf does “Growl, growl” Aramis to the wolf: “Easy Dave it is just me. I need to talk to Jackie about something.” Dave the wolf: “Who is she?” pointing at Anne. “Her? she is Anne a guest at Warlock and my cottage. She just arrived today. Hey Anne come meet Jackie’s animal companion.”   “Coming Aramis just was rescuing a mouse that was trapped by a root.”  Anne replied.  Jackie-the-dryad than came out of the tree and said: “Hi Aramis what did you want today?” Aramis: “Jackie this is Anne, Anne this is the dryad Jackie. Anne going to go into town to work because I’m not allowed in town and I have no clue why and Warlock needs to keep an eye on me. So we come over here to see if you would mind Dave accompanying Anne to the edge of the forest.” Jackie-the dryad said: “No I don’t mind Dave accompany Anne.”

One Response to “Anne in Ellabur Chapter 3: Aramis’s Outburst”

  1. scg333 Says:

    Great story!!! Can’t wait for more!!

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